Nutritionist Dispels Popular Weight Loss Myths

Nutritionist Dispels Popular Weight Loss Myths
Nutritionist Dispels Popular Weight Loss Myths

Video: Nutritionist Dispels Popular Weight Loss Myths

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Video: Dietitians Debunk 18 Weight Loss Myths 2023, February

Nutritionist Maria Malysheva dispelled popular myths about weight loss. This is reported by URA.RU.

The expert said that special drugs will not help to lose weight, but only harm the body. She explained that fat cells are not in the intestines and therefore there is no point in taking a laxative. Diuretics, even with prolonged use, can lead to disruption of the kidneys and intestines.

Malysheva also criticized starvation. According to her, this practice can lead to the destruction of muscle mass and only cause stress in the body. She added that after giving up the diet, the lost weight will begin to return to the person with renewed vigor. At the same time, the specialist warned that you should not give up products containing fat, since it is involved in the restoration of energy and body tissues.

Previously, Australian nutritionist and nutritionist Laura Ford also dispelled myths about weight loss and healthy eating. The doctor said that carbohydrates are necessary for the body, so you cannot completely abandon them for a slender figure. In addition, the Australian explained that gluten-free foods are not always better than regular ones.

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