Why Does The Hair On The Head "hurt"

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Why Does The Hair On The Head "hurt"
Why Does The Hair On The Head "hurt"

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Sometimes after a tight tail or bun, an unpleasant sensation appears, as if the hair roots are hurting. As a rule, it does not last very long. However, often the discomfort does not arise from the hairstyle. A specific pain in the roots may indicate a health problem. Rambler tells in what cases you need to see a doctor with this symptom.


The most common cause of hair root pain is hypothermia. This usually happens among those who refuse to wear a hat in sub-zero temperatures. Cold is very harmful to the capillaries, and regular hypothermia can even lead to inflammation of the vessels of the head.

Vegetovascular dystonia

Sometimes discomfort is one of the signs of vascular dystonia. Violation of the nervous system provokes a vascular reaction to external and internal factors. In addition, severe stress can lead to vertex pain. Due to prolonged emotional stress, a person's pain threshold decreases.


Feeling like hair is hurting can be an early symptom of chronic inflammatory skin disease. Psoriasis affects the entire body, including the scalp. Another similar discomfort in the crown area can signal the presence of a fungus.

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