Russians On The Web Have Shared The Most Effective And Absurd Advice From Traditional Medicine

Russians On The Web Have Shared The Most Effective And Absurd Advice From Traditional Medicine
Russians On The Web Have Shared The Most Effective And Absurd Advice From Traditional Medicine

Video: Russians On The Web Have Shared The Most Effective And Absurd Advice From Traditional Medicine

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Traditional medicine has always been especially popular in Russia, and, as Rambler found out, even in 2021, many resort to completely non-medical methods. So, in one of the popular communities on the Web, Russian women talked about which "grandmothers' advice" and recipes from traditional medicine turned out to be effective, and which seemed absurd.

Many, as it turned out, resort to traditional medicine for colds and even coronavirus and bronchitis:

"From traditional medicine - I rinse my nose with salt water for colds, it helps me. More tea with lemon and honey …";

"I was lying with the covid when I was burning birch tar. For three days both the taste and smell returned))";

"Somehow I was treated for bronchitis with raspberry branches, they brewed it for me. It helped a lot, with the Bronchicum sling. Well, the jars on the warming ointment …";

Someone copes with barley in front of our eyes only with folk remedies:

"And a red thread helps me from the barley on the eye, it's incredible but true. This was my grandmother. It is necessary to tie the ring and middle fingers on the opposite hand with a red thread relative to the eye on which the barley jumped out, like 8ki, to tie it several times. 3 days the barley passes … ";

One of the users of the Network said that during breastfeeding, she could not get rid of the swelling and pain until she listened to her mother's advice:

"Mom told me to attach the cabbage. Since it was Friday, the hospital was closed, and you can't buy anything without a prescription, there was no choice. Damn, it really helped. The pain relieved, the swelling took off. Beauty …"

It turned out that many people still use "advice from the past":

"The mother-in-law was going to restore the lungs to her son OVSOM (he was hard at work with the covid, there was a 75% defeat). And she was very offended when he refused …";

"My friend says that to get sick less, you need to wrap yourself with spruce branches and walk for 4 hours …".

In addition, the Russians told how, in childhood, parents tried to cure everything with folk advice:

"I don't know how we survived when our parents put such experiments on us: 1. onion juice in the nose from a cold 2. radish with honey and milk from coughs 3. Spits in the eyes and figs from barley. 4. chtiol ointment from chiri 5. To stop the inflammation of the ingrown toenail, baked onions were applied … ";

"I still remember how my mother decided to remove parasites from me with the help of tips from the healthy lifestyle newspaper. Why she decided that I have parasites, so I scraped my teeth hard at night and now, after reading, in the same newspaper, that it is either lamblia, or pinworms, decided to rid me of them. So 1 recipe for lamblia: squeeze out 3 heads (not cloves) of garlic, strain the juice through cheesecloth and drink pure garlic juice. Do this for 3 days … I am an 11-year-old mastered 2 days and it was a feeling that they were trying to get rid of me … ";

"They smeared the throat with kerosene in childhood, from sore throat … they also advised to eat pickles for the same sore throat …";

"I have neurodermatitis. As a child, I ate eggshells crushed into flour, sprinkled with a drop of lemon juice. For what? The HLS newspaper says so …";

"Mom had a special recipe, to wrap garlic gruel on her wrist against a cold …".

And someone has been practicing urine therapy for years:

"My grandmother was treated with urine therapy. She believed that warm and even hot urine helps relieve joint pain. Can you imagine the scent in the house when she heated or boiled urine? …".

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