What An Unquenchable Hunger Signals

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What An Unquenchable Hunger Signals
What An Unquenchable Hunger Signals

The feeling of hunger is understandable if in the daily rush for the whole day you did not manage to eat anything more significant than an apple. However, if you want to eat again and again, even after a hearty meal, this is a reason to reconsider your regimen and take your health more seriously. Read more about the reasons provoking sudden hunger in the Rambler material.

You sleep too little

According to a study published in 2007, lack of sleep triggers an increased release of the hormone ghrelin, which not only causes hunger, but also suppresses the synthesis of the satiety hormone leptin.

You are not drinking enough water

Not so long ago, scientists from Seattle found that in only 2% of cases, people are unmistakably able to determine what their body actually requires - calories or fluids. This is why people often indulge in snacks when the body actually needs water.

You watch TV while you eat

Or reading a book, or flipping through the Instagram feed. The bottom line is that while you are absorbing food, your brain is focused on other things and ignores the saturation of the body. That is why even nutritionists advise not to be distracted by anything while eating - this way you will definitely finish your meal on time and will not overeat.

You drink often

Regular alcohol consumption suppresses the production of leptin, which, as we have already found, is responsible for satiety. It's no wonder that after a couple of glasses of alcohol, a brutal appetite wakes up, even if you had dinner an hour before.