Dermatologists Have Named Ways To Combat "maskne"

Dermatologists Have Named Ways To Combat "maskne"
Dermatologists Have Named Ways To Combat "maskne"

Video: Dermatologists Have Named Ways To Combat "maskne"

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Video: How to Prevent & Get Rid of "Maskne" 2023, February

Russian dermatologists have named the ways with which it is possible to overcome skin problems arising from wearing medical masks. Experts called such rashes a new term "maskne". Doctors talked about this in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets.

According to doctors, during the coronavirus pandemic, people have an increase in the number of skin rashes and an increase in the demand for cosmetic services. So, in the case of rashes, dermatologists recommended minimizing the use of decorative cosmetics as much as possible and abandoning tonal foundations. Men were advised not to wear the mask immediately after shaving, as this can lead to inflammation.

During this period, you can also wipe your face with antibacterial agents, for example, chlorhexidine, and apply zinc paste to inflammation. It is recommended to apply a cream to protect the skin under the mask and gloves. Experts also emphasized the need to install a humidifier in homes and consult a doctor who will prescribe vitamins.

In January 2021, experts in the field of cosmetology revealed several negative traces of the coronavirus pandemic on a person's appearance and called home ways to deal with them. It turned out that during this period people may have a worse complexion and develop eczema and psoriasis. Doctors advised eating foods rich in fatty acids, taking vitamin D, and washing your face with cleansers twice a day.

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