3 Reasons Why You Look Older Than Your Age

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3 Reasons Why You Look Older Than Your Age
3 Reasons Why You Look Older Than Your Age

Video: 3 Reasons Why You Look Older Than Your Age

Video: 3 Reasons Why You Look Older Than Your Age
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Even a woman who devotes the lion's share of her time to caring for herself cannot avoid natural aging. However, meeting with wrinkles and other age-related changes can be delayed if you adhere to the correct lifestyle. On the other hand, neglecting good habits, you risk losing the former skin elasticity and fresh appearance prematurely.

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Bad dream

At night, cells regenerate after a long day. If you don't get enough sleep, your cells fail to "rest" and the number of healthy cells dwindles over and over again. Doctors never tire of repeating: the body needs at least eight hours of sleep. And so that the skin does not dry out at night, before going to bed, you should apply moisturizers to your face and body.

Overuse of sweets

Sugar not only harms the figure, but also negatively affects the condition of the skin, provoking acne and the appearance of premature wrinkles. The fact is that with excessive consumption of sugar-containing products (including not only confectionery, but also bread, sauces and much more), the glycation process starts, during which sugar molecules attack collagen. This leads to the fact that the skin condition worsens.


Many are convinced that smoking only affects the lungs - and this is a big misconception. The bad habit also accelerates aging. To prove this, scientists compared the faces of 79 pairs of twins, where one smokes or smoked 5 years longer than the other. In smokers, scientists have identified large bags under the eyes and deep wrinkles in the lip area. Experts also recalled that smoking impairs the transport of oxygen to the skin, and some substances in tobacco have a detrimental effect on collagen and elastin.