What Wardrobe Items Are Killing The Spine

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What Wardrobe Items Are Killing The Spine
What Wardrobe Items Are Killing The Spine

Video: What Wardrobe Items Are Killing The Spine

Video: What Wardrobe Items Are Killing The Spine
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According to statistics, 90% of modern people regularly experience back pain. Many factors can provoke their appearance, including improperly selected wardrobe items. Rambler will tell you what things are killing your spine.


Pencil skirt

This piece of clothing can be compared to a corset, but only for the legs: it noticeably restricts movement and does not allow the legs to take a comfortable position while sitting. Overuse of a pencil skirt can over time lead to damage to the back discs and muscle spasms.

Skinny Jeans

These tapered pants tighten the glutes, thighs and knees tightly. Due to this, when walking, the center of gravity is shifted, which means that the spine will experience additional stress. Regular wearing of these jeans will lead to a change in gait and negatively affect the joints.

Bulky one shoulder bag

A lot of things are usually put in bulk bags, as a result, one shoulder becomes lower, the spine is overloaded. In this case, very soon you will notice the first manifestations of scoliosis, as well as the accompanying pain.

High heels

A high heel shifts the center of gravity, therefore, when walking, the spine experiences additional stress. In addition, such shoes contribute to deformation of the foot.


Such shoes are held by the front partitions, which interferes with normal movement, creates additional stress on the lumbar region and legs.

Inconvenient underwear

A large chest already loads the spine, and thin straps also lower the shoulders, cause pain in them. It is worth giving preference to bras with wide straps: they will not only correctly support the bust, but also evenly distribute the load on the shoulders.