Neighbors Said That He Had Had A Coronavirus

Neighbors Said That He Had Had A Coronavirus
Neighbors Said That He Had Had A Coronavirus

Video: Neighbors Said That He Had Had A Coronavirus

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Video: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood FULL EPISODE | Daniel Goes to the Hospital | PBS KIDS 2023, February

Music critic Sergei Sosedov was asymptomatic with coronavirus. Doctors did not diagnose his infection, and the show business representative himself does not quite understand when this could happen. However, at some point, antibodies were found in his body.

The truth came to light during the filming of the Superstar TV show. Return”, when all members of the jury were tested. And the result of Sosedov, to put it mildly, surprised.

According to him, he experienced serious health problems in May. However, this happens to him every year.

Every spring my life turns into a real hell. My nose is stuffed up so that no drops can pierce it. The state is disgusting: you are lying in a layer and cannot even get up. At the same time, the temperature drops: it becomes in the region of 35.9-36.2, - Neighbors told the "Interlocutor"

The worst was six months before the start of the pandemic, he noted. The critic was so weak that he could not make it to the clinic. The state of health improved only after the doctor came to the call and prescribed treatment. In 2020, Neighbors tried to find a solution to the problem with allergists, but they just threw up their hands.

So the representative of the domestic show business does not consider his spring ailments to be a coronavirus.

If it was a coronavirus, then any disease can be attributed to it! And what did I have last year (in 2019 - Coronavirus too? But then no one had heard of him! - Neighbors is perplexed.

However, now, having become the owner of antibodies, he could act as a plasma donor used to treat critically ill people. However, the showman refuses to do so. First, no one suggested. Secondly, the media star has "no time at all" to offer oneself independently, so that later on to pass many tests and studies.

Earlier, as wrote, doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov expressed the opinion that mass vaccination against coronavirus, as well as the creation of new medicines against infection, would interrupt the spread of COVID-19 mutations.

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