Symptoms For Which You Need To Check The Thyroid Gland

Symptoms For Which You Need To Check The Thyroid Gland
Symptoms For Which You Need To Check The Thyroid Gland

Video: Symptoms For Which You Need To Check The Thyroid Gland

Video: Symptoms For Which You Need To Check The Thyroid Gland
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People visit different doctors, but they ignore the endocrinologist's office for years, and in vain. Here's why.

Endocrine system: what is it

This is a vital part of the body, the failure of which leads to a large number of health problems. It controls and regulates processes related to metabolism, growth and development, sexual function and procreation, sleep, mood and other elements that make people healthy.

The endocrine system should work without interruption, but a clear process is complicated by many components: glands, organs, hormones. As soon as one element fails, the whole system will fly. Add to this bad habits, overwork, a disturbed regime, stress, unbalanced diet, and so on.

Also, the pituitary gland is part of the endocrine system - a small part in the brain that produces hormones and is responsible for the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas and gonads, which control other hormones and metabolic processes in the body.

When an endocrinologist is needed

A referral to an endocrinologist is prescribed by a therapist or other doctors: gynecologists, cardiologists, traumatologists. You can make an appointment yourself if you notice the symptoms that the endocrinologist is dealing with.

The main thing is to stop waiting and procrastinating: many symptoms are taken for something normal and characteristic of a resident of a big city. In the meantime, stable apathy, fatigue, irritability or anxiety can become serious "bells" that something is wrong in the body.

The doctor examines the complaints, understands which hormones and organs are imbalanced, determines the overproduction or insufficient release of hormones, their imbalanced balance and directs them for testing. The results determine what to do. The specialist normalizes hormonal regulation, which suffers from overload of the body, the action of external factors and the influence of bad habits.

The doctor diagnoses and prescribes treatment for a large number of diseases: diabetes of various types, diseases of the bones, adrenal glands, obesity, metabolic disorders, reproductive problems, impaired calcium levels, and so on.

Symptoms of thyroid disease

It is advisable to visit an endocrinologist when:

suspicion of diabetes; pressure drops; arrhythmias; problems with appetite; excess weight, which does not change with a healthy diet and exercise; drastic weight loss; skin rashes;

puffiness; feeling of constant tiredness and fatigue for no reason; trembling hands or feet; heart palpitations; depressed mood for no obvious reason; problems concentrating; deteriorated condition of nails and / or hair; mood swings, outbursts of anger, sleep problems; decreased libido; infertility.

Hormone tests

The results of blood tests help determine which internal organ has failed, find out the level of the necessary hormones, identify the problem and determine the treatment. Often the test results are not obvious, and the difference of only one or two units fatally affects the state of the body and general well-being. It is this difference that the endocrinologist sees, who understands not only the specific indicators of the desired hormone, but also the correct ratio with others.

Many analyzes hit the wallet, but it is important to remember that a timely "check-up" of the body is the best prevention of the development of diseases. It is better to deny yourself shopping, travel or buying a gadget than, after a few decades, deprive yourself of an active, cool pastime full of entertainment and pleasure. It is unlikely that anyone wants to grow old after 30 or 40 years, but if you do not hear and track the signals of the body, at some point it can give an irreversible failure.

How lifestyle affects well-being

Medicines and vitamins play an important role in treatment, but cannot be relied on alone. Good body condition begins with proper nutrition, exercise, as healthy a lifestyle as possible, and certain habits. Monitor your sleep schedule, visit baths and massages, do everything possible to prevent early aging and the extinction of the body.

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