How To Lose Weight So It Doesn't Come Back Later

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How To Lose Weight So It Doesn't Come Back Later
How To Lose Weight So It Doesn't Come Back Later

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If you once lost weight dramatically and rejoiced at your success, then you probably noticed that the weight begins to return quickly. This is a normal reaction of the body to the fact that a person has begun to consume too little fuel for energy. "Rambler" tells how to properly lose weight, so that later he does not come back again.

The process of losing weight should really be gradual, and its duration depends on how much you plan to lose in general. It is considered healthy -0.5 kilograms per week.

What happens if you lose weight quickly

For quick weight loss, most often people cut back on food as much as possible and sit on exhausting diets consisting of only fruits or only liquids. These diets will help you lose weight in the short term. The body will receive a signal that it can just be taken and starved to death. Because of this, later, when the food comes back, he begins to accumulate fat "in reserve". Because of this, weight returns faster, and then it is more difficult for a person to lose weight.

How to cut food properly

It is not necessary to go on strict diets to lose weight. It is enough to cut down on calorie intake. In losing weight, the law of conservation of energy works: the more energy you use, the more you need to give. Accordingly, the less physical activity you have, the less food you need to consume.

Nutritionists have long figured out a form for calculating the calories you need to consume daily. It depends not only on the lifestyle, but also on the initial weight, height and age. To lose weight, you need to consume 10-20% less than the norm.

Is physical activity required

For weight loss, they are not necessary, but this must be taken into account when calculating your calorie intake. In addition, training affects the quality of the body, so if you want a relief belly and beautiful legs, then you cannot do without minimal stress.

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