Why Do You Constantly Want To Eat In The Fall? Interview With Nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov

Why Do You Constantly Want To Eat In The Fall? Interview With Nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov
Why Do You Constantly Want To Eat In The Fall? Interview With Nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov

Video: Why Do You Constantly Want To Eat In The Fall? Interview With Nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov

Video: Why Do You Constantly Want To Eat In The Fall? Interview With Nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov
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Autumn has come - the time when many are recovering. In fact, if you know the certain rules and features of your own weight, weight gain can be avoided. Why can you eat after 18:00, but not after 22:00? Why is it necessary to take a genetic test? Is it so important to drink two liters of water a day? These and many other questions were answered by Mikhail Gavrilov, a psychotherapist, nutritionist, creator of his own technology for comprehensive care for people with obesity. Under Gavrilov's control, the patients even lost 100 kilograms!


Mikhail Alekseevich, why, with the arrival of autumn and cold weather, do you want to eat more often and more in volume, especially everything sweet and fat?

With the arrival of autumn, the body requires more energy to heat the body due to a decrease in ambient temperature. The most accessible are not our fats, which are deposited on the sides, abdomen and thighs, but simple sugars from artificial foods. You don't even need to hunt for them - in the store everything is at arm's length: chips, all kinds of cookies, chocolate bars, harmful sausages, etc.

Can you give an example of healthy snacks?

The snack should be complex, this is an important condition - proteins, fats, carbohydrates together and of natural origin. This time. Second, sweet fruits should be eaten with nuts to reduce the glycemic load of this snack. A whole grain avocado shrimp sandwich or a tongue and cucumber loaf is also great. I do not recommend sweet yoghurts or cottage cheese for a snack, as they contain a lot of sugars.

And here they also talk about foods with the so-called negative calorie content. What is it?

In order for a person, without doing anything, to eat, say, such a product and evaporate? This does not happen in nature. There are foods for the digestion of which the body spends calories sometimes more than they are contained in the product itself: for example, proteins, as well as celery, onions, lettuce, cucumbers. The list includes grapefruit, green tea, pineapple, white fish.

What are the main reasons for being overweight?

Overeating as a result of a violation of the appetite control system. Interaction of environmental factors - food drugs, physical inactivity (dysfunction of the body when limiting physical activity, reducing the strength of muscle contraction), stress … Plus genetics, hormonal disorders, key imbalances. There are dozens of factors for the development of excess weight. The World Health Organization names the excess of calories in food consumed over food consumption, as well as eating disorders as the main reasons.

Where to start any weight loss?

An integrated approach is needed, other options and mono methods are not effective, except for surgery. Now it has become fashionable to do liposuction, but this method is far from suitable for everyone due to the large number of side effects. Weight loss should start with changes in eating behavior, attitudes towards yourself, food and the world around you.

And if a person is not yet mature enough to go to the doctor, maybe he is shy. How can he tune his brain to lose weight at home? Maybe some books to read?

To a psychiatrist - as a last resort, for example, with bulimia. It is an eating disorder characterized by repeated bouts of overeating and an overemphasis on controlling body weight. If we talk about a psychologist, then you need to know who to whom, since only one psychology is as ineffective as other monometrics. Now a weight loss specialist must have broad competencies - to know psychology, nutrition, nutrition, preferably endocrinology or functional medicine. According to WHO statistics, only 5% of people can lose weight on their own and maintain the result for at least a year. Of course, you can tune your brain to lose weight by reading a book, instagram and other social networks! But only one person out of twenty will be able to maintain the effect. When accompanied by specialists (our statistics, the Dr. Gavrilov Center in Moscow, 62.5% of cases of saving the result), the efficiency is several times higher.

I often hear that many cannot cope with hunger at night … How to wean yourself from eating at night? Well, or at least there is something to lose weight?

There is an emotiogenic eating disorder when a person reacts to stress by overeating. Evening appetite and nocturnal meal syndrome may appear. All this is caused by irregular rhythms of cortisol, the so-called stress hormone. In this case, it is necessary to normalize nutrition and emotional state. Together with Alexey Moskalev, we have developed a special diet called Doctors Food, which, due to its special composition, normalizes the level of cortisol.

How many hours before bedtime is it better not to eat?

Everything is individual, it is determined by the genetic characteristics of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, but scientists draw well-grounded conclusions that one should not eat after 22:00.

Is excess weight somehow related to a lack of vitamins? By the way, the lack of which vitamins, as a rule, causes excess weight?

Deficiency of many vitamins and trace elements can cause exploratory eating behavior. The active actions of the person himself, plus the replenishment of the need for all micronutrients, lead to weight loss, since each of the vitamins and trace elements can be responsible for several functions in our body. An example is magnesium: it participates in 702 processes in the body, reduces anxiety and anxious overeating, normalizes intestinal motility, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, etc.

And if we consider hormones, which one is responsible for weight?

A large number of elements are involved in the appetite control system. The most famous: insulin, leptin, ghrelin, cortisol and others. This complex interaction of hormones, adipose tissue, gastrointestinal tract, central and peripheral nervous systems is regulated by the hypothalamus. Often, due to inflammation of this area in the brain, for various reasons, this algorithm is violated. The lipostat system, which maintains a certain amount of adipose tissue in the body, becomes unusable, so it does not receive normal signals from hormones about saturation.

What is exchange rate buildup? How to achieve it?

Metabolism is a multifaceted concept. With a decrease in weight, it can be increased, and the excess will go away faster. If you want to prolong active longevity, metabolic processes do not always need to be increased, since they are reduced in centenarians (according to scientists). Therefore, you need to know what and how to "swing", and in no case use thyroid hormones for weight loss (except those prescribed by a doctor) or any other drugs of a similar action.

Can you give an example of a menu for a week for a person who has just started his journey to slimness? For example, does he need to lose 5 kg?

I do not compose the menu this way. Each person is genetically and biochemically individual, so Table 5 is not my story as a professional. An individual diet is much more complicated and requires diagnostics and anamnesis.

Okay, but can you tell us about the heaviest meal? What should be breakfast?

For many years, I have seen impressive weight loss results in my patients, including those with type 2 diabetes. All of them ate fractionally, limiting the calorie content of the diet. But the main thing was that their meals were difficult - not just a pear, for example, but if a pear, then with nuts. Immersed in genetics, I realized that there are people who will be good at losing weight on three meals a day, and there are those who need to eat 4-5 times a day. But still, when restricting calorie intake in people with type 2 diabetes, I do not want to risk it and I still recommend eating fractionally in order to avoid hypoglycemia - a pathological condition characterized by low blood glucose levels (below 3.3 mmol / l).

Breakfast should be hearty, lunch is like breakfast, I do not recommend sweets for dinner, so that weight loss is "more fun". But, again, this is determined by genetics: someone can eat apples for dinner and see the "minus" on the scales the next morning.

And what should you replace the sweet with? Is it true that if you eat sweets immediately after a protein meal, the body will not notice and will digest it like protein? That is, the candy will not be deposited anywhere …

The less sweet the better. Humanity is mired in sweet drugs. By the way, sugar is worse than cocaine and is addictive. Small amounts of sweets should be eaten at the end of a meal so that the other ingredients can reduce the glycemic load.

What things do you strongly advise against doing while losing weight?

Oppress yourself psychologically and biologically, blame, shame, punish. I recommend only loving and pampering - not with buns, of course, but with pleasant non-food pleasures. Buy a new dress or shoes

How do you feel about fasting? Who can and who can't?

It depends on the context. There is a diet called intermittent fasting. This can sometimes be practiced 1-2 times a week on your own. Normal fasting, and even more dry fasting, must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

Everyone is constantly talking about two liters of water. And if a person cannot? Well, for example, he drinks liquid and constantly runs to the toilet, which is not very convenient at work. What to do in this case?

Difficult question Not everyone can start drinking 2 liters of water right away. This should be done with caution by people with hypertension (gradually increase the volume of water) and people with some kidney diseases. In this case, the amount of fluid is selected by the doctor. In general, water with a decrease in weight is at least the prevention of gallstone disease and the formation of stones in the kidneys and hepatic ducts. And also - the prevention of intoxication, edema, violations of many vital processes in the body.

Veganism has become fashionable now. Do you think it is possible to live without meat in our harsh climate?

There are genes that do not imply that a person can only eat plant foods. In the genetic test that I use in my work, it is clearly visible whether it is possible to practice vegetarianism in each specific case or not. What is good for the Hindus (and 70% of the Hindustans have genes that allow them to be vegetarians) is not always suitable for the Europeans (only 17% of the Old World population can get the polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for life from plant sources). And anemia is not uncommon in vegetarians. So think three times and do a genetic test, and then move on to this complex diet.

Mikhail Alekseevich, tell us a little about yourself. How many years have you been practicing?

I have been working for 26 years. Without bragging, I will say that I am constantly developing, learning, since this is my life's work - helping overweight people. Mission. Therefore, I attend foreign conferences and I am always happy if I can offer my patients something more effective than before. I am proud to have created a whole area of weight loss - a technology for comprehensive care for obese people, which I patented (7 RF patents and 1 Eurasian patent).

I know that you have worked with many stars. Who was it easiest with? Who has achieved the best results?

I will not say that I have worked with a large number of media people, rather my clients are from the business category. I am also not sure that I can “read out the entire list” without the consent of the patients. But I know for sure that Natalya Gulkina, who dropped 25 kg, and also Natalya Krachkovskaya, will not be offended by me. At one time, she lost 30 kg.

And if you take ordinary clients, can you remember a patient who lost a lot of weight?

On television, where I act as an expert in various programs, I am considered a very productive specialist, I cannot but agree, as this is fair. Repeatedly on the program of one of the federal channels showed the results of women and men who lost weight by 50-110 kg! In another program, two patients were given who lost 90 and 128 kg. And what is natural, these people still keep the achieved result. I have a lot of stories related to each patient. I remember everyone, I love and immensely respect for the titanic work that they have done not only for themselves, but also for other people, having shown by their example that obesity can be defeated.

How do you eat yourself? Do you have a favorite food? And what about your favorite harm?

I eat a little and only quality food. I don't remember, honestly, when was the last time I ate a cake, for example. Doesn't pull. Favorite dish - Siberian capelin, stewed lamb ribs, jellied meat, sauerkraut. There are many of them, favorite dishes if cooked with love. And I love to do it.

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