Workouts For Men: How To Lose Weight And Pump Up At Home And In The Gym

Workouts For Men: How To Lose Weight And Pump Up At Home And In The Gym
Workouts For Men: How To Lose Weight And Pump Up At Home And In The Gym

Video: Workouts For Men: How To Lose Weight And Pump Up At Home And In The Gym

Video: Workouts For Men: How To Lose Weight And Pump Up At Home And In The Gym
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Many guys, internally and externally, want to match a certain image of the hero. But there are reasons that prevent you from achieving perfect relief, even if you disappear in the hall for months.

Viktor Voshkin, coach of REBOOT sports studios, knows how to keep fit under any circumstances, and tells how to quickly get in shape.

Workouts for men at home

The work routine takes a lot of time, and someone does not have enough extra hours for stable workouts in the gym. With a lack of time, men can train at home using available means. It only takes desire and discipline.

Pushups. Lie face down on the floor with your arms slightly wider than your shoulders and parallel to each other. The elbows are directed to the sides at an angle of 45 degrees from the body. Your back should be straight and your shoulders just above the level of your pelvis. Direct your gaze to the floor. While pressing, slowly unbend your elbows to reach a right angle between the biceps and forearm. Linger at the top point. Do 4 sets of 30 reps;

Jump squats. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. When sitting, join your hands in front of you. Bring your hips parallel to the floor. Jump up with your arms at your sides. Return to the starting position of the squat and continue the dynamic movement. The back should be straight, tilt the body forward;

Twisting on the press. Lie on your back, bend your legs. Smoothly raise your shoulders to your feet, rounding your back. Slowly return the body down without touching the floor with your shoulders. Repeat the exercise 30 times in 4 sets.


Workouts for men in the gym

Classes must be accompanied by dumbbells to gain muscle mass. Add weights when working on a specific area. For quality work, you need to perform in the range of 8 to 12 repetitions. Rest between sets - 1.5-2 minutes:

Bench press with dumbbells. Lie with your back on the platform with your feet parallel. The shoulder blades are brought up and down, the muscles of the core are in good shape. Lower your arms to parallel with the platform, keeping your elbows at 90 degrees. Smoothly squeeze up without sudden jerks. Exhale while moving your arms upward.

Squats with weights. For this you need a bar. Take the optimal weight: 8-10 kg. Work with good amplitude. The feet are parallel, the pelvis is pulled back, the shoulder blades are lowered, the abdominal muscles are in good shape. Do not fold your knees inward, try to spread them to the side. Squat to 90 degrees of parallel and lift up smoothly.

Bent over row with dumbbells. Feet parallel, take dumbbells in two hands with a weight of 6-10 kg. The pull is done along the hips, the body is directed forward, and the pelvis is directed backward. Bring to the middle of the hip joint and gently lower down. Do 10-12 reps efficiently, without jerking.

Slimming workouts for men

While playing sports, everyone wants to achieve a specific goal. If you are losing weight, start with nutrition: focus on protein foods and meals, remove sweets and sugar, fast food, soda and alcohol, cut down on excess carbohydrates.

For a workout that helps you dry out and lose weight, choose a cardio load: treadmill, ellipse, outdoor jogging, cycling.

Weight training for men

If training is for weight, you need to create stress for the body. Use 80% of your maximum weight and stick to a specific diet. In this case, choose foods high in protein: nuts, cottage cheese, protein shakes, meat, fish.

Workouts for men after 50

After 50 years, dilute the training process with long walks and work in the gym with your weight. You can add jogging, outdoor workouts.

It is important to monitor your well-being, not to overwork yourself and check your health with a doctor every six months.

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