The Most Favorable Month For Planning Pregnancy Was Named

The Most Favorable Month For Planning Pregnancy Was Named
The Most Favorable Month For Planning Pregnancy Was Named

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Obstetrician-gynecologist, fertility specialist Gayane Kaloeva told what time of year it is best to plan a pregnancy, whether it is worth losing weight before that, and how COVID-19 affects the possibility of conception in men.

According to the doctor, the most successful time of the year for pregnancy is autumn, especially its first month - September. “If we talk about the ideal time for conception, it is rather the beginning of autumn - September, because over the summer everyone rested, gained health, ate fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In a word, everything that has a positive effect on emotional health and reproductive health, too, "- said Kaloeva in a comment to" Ridus ".

Also, the doctor is convinced that if a woman is overweight or, even more so, obesity, then first, body weight should be normalized. Since during pregnancy, a woman's body is already under stress.

“If you have excess weight, then, of course, you first need to lose it, and then plan for conception. Because during pregnancy, women most often gain, and this is difficult for their health. The majority does not have a food culture, because there are certain stereotypes - "a woman in a position needs to eat for two." Don't do this. During pregnancy, you shouldn't limit yourself too much in food - just eat right,”the gynecologist said.

According to the doctor, if a woman has had some kind of viral disease, in particular the flu, then it is necessary to pause and plan a pregnancy in the next cycle. The exception is coronavirus infection. After her, the doctor recommends refraining from conception for both men and women for three months.

“The infection is quite new, and we do not know how it affects the quality of cells and, in principle, the reproductive system. We study the semen analysis of men before and after the disease. Its quality is actually deteriorating. Due to the coronavirus, thrombosis occurs - that is, the blood thickens strongly - and this affects spermatogenesis. The appearance of spermatozoa, so to speak, becomes "ugly" and their mobility suffers. But these processes are reversible. Within three months, new sperm and eggs mature,”explained the reproductive specialist.

If a woman did a computed tomography or X-ray examination, then she should also take a pause of one month before planning a pregnancy.

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