Good Habits: A New Life Is Real

Good Habits: A New Life Is Real
Good Habits: A New Life Is Real

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In an effort to change our lives, we often take on too much at once, break down, get frustrated, and fall back on old habits, letting negative emotions and attitudes take over. Sometimes the reason for such a "defeat" can be the lack of a clear goal and understanding of what exactly you are unhappy with and what exactly you want to change. First, admit to yourself honestly what you really don't like and why, and then start planning.

The goal should be measurable and realistically achievable. So, the phrase "I want to lose weight" does not mean absolutely nothing, but the wording "I want to lose 5 kg in a month" already speaks of a specific task. That said, it can be difficult to stick to a strict plan right off the bat. There is a way to "outsmart" your brain by gradually introducing small healthy habits into your daily life. By destroying habitual patterns and scripts, you stimulate your brain, as if "waking up" in the midst of a routine that drives us into emotional and psychological sleep.

The simplest thing we can do to warm up is to start adding simple new elements to our regular daily routine. For example, try using a staircase instead of an elevator. In order not to put too much pressure on yourself and not drive yourself into a rigid framework, for a start it will be enough once a day for 2-3 weeks. You can set a reminder on your phone. Gradually add to this regular use of your left hand (or right if you're left-handed): try brushing your teeth, holding your phone or plug with your other hand, putting on your pants on your other leg, or walking a different route. Exercising your eyes will also be a good habit if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or phone screen. Try to use the “20-20-20” technique: do gymnastics for 20 seconds every 20 minutes and look at 20 meters into the distance - in a couple of weeks you will feel the result.

Another good option is to change your eating habits. Try to set a goal for yourself to try a new dish every week. In the long term, this can further affect taste preferences and contribute to the exit from the vicious circle of eating habits.

The same goes for training. If you perform the same set of exercises from year to year, adhere to the same type of load, then it's time to change something. If you are constantly working out in the gym, then try group training, or vice versa. The system of proven training methods Smart Fitness is designed in such a way that all programs perfectly complement each other.

The golden rule is one step at a time. Proceed in stages, do not try to get the maximum result in a few days. By setting yourself up to work hard and lose all excess weight in a couple of workouts, you doom yourself in advance to failure and subsequent complications. In addition, it is very important to get positive emotions in the process, since this directly affects the result.

The support of loved ones, and even better - an experienced qualified mentor will be very helpful. X-Fit's capabilities allow you to work out with a personal trainer both offline and online. The instructor will help you design an optimal program, including training, nutrition and recovery.

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