How To Wash Properly

How To Wash Properly
How To Wash Properly

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Around such a seemingly simple topic, there is a lot of controversy to this day. Some experts advise to devote time to water procedures twice a day, others argue that a daily shower does not bring any benefit, and others are sure that you need to wash only before going to bed. Today we will not delve into these disputes, but will only give advice that is suitable for all lovers of water procedures. Read about the main rules of proper washing in the material of Rambler.

Firstly, spending more than 20 minutes in the bathroom is not recommended. If you bask in water longer, the protective function of the skin will decrease due to the fact that the epidermal cells will become loose from moisture.

Secondly, washing should start from top to bottom: so all the dirt will drain to the bottom of the bath or shower along with the water.

The third rule is that cool water is more beneficial than warm water. High temperature water dries and weakens the skin more strongly, while cool water is useful for immunity, blood vessels, and skin. In addition, a cool shower invigorates in the morning. But in the evening you can make an exception and soak up the streams of warm water, which will relax and relieve the fatigue that has accumulated during the day.

The fourth life hack concerns the use of washcloths and shower gels. If you just need to wash off the dust and dirt that has accumulated on your body during the day, you do not need to use a washcloth. It is enough to apply shower gel on the body, lather and distribute it evenly. If you decide to remove the stratum corneum, use a washcloth and shower cream or body scrub. It is not recommended to use these funds together.

Finally, dry the skin thoroughly. It is better to use a soft towel for this, gently blotting all parts of the body, paying special attention to the armpits and popliteal cavities. After that, the skin must be moisturized with suitable lotions or body creams.

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