The Cost Of Plastic Surgeries Of Blogger David Manukyan Was Announced

The Cost Of Plastic Surgeries Of Blogger David Manukyan Was Announced
The Cost Of Plastic Surgeries Of Blogger David Manukyan Was Announced

Video: The Cost Of Plastic Surgeries Of Blogger David Manukyan Was Announced

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The show "Dancing with the Stars" has just come to an end, but one of its participants, David Manukyan, continues to make important changes in his life. On February 23, according to media reports, the blogger went to the hospital, where he underwent several plastic surgeries at once. Without much detail, Dawa posted Instagram Stories, confirming the information only that the operation was planned.


One of the patients of the clinic where Manukyan is located, said that the blogger removed excess fat from the abdomen, back and chin, and to make the stomach flat, the muscles of its lower part were tightened. Word and Deed talked to the St. Petersburg plastic surgeon Farkhat Mammadov to find out more about the procedure called mini-abdominoplasty, which David Manukyan decided on.

How much does such an "upgrade" cost?

- Timur Khaidarov, the surgeon who operated on Manukyan, has quite high prices. I think that the entire complex of operations cost him 1.2 million rubles, maybe even 1.5 million.

How safe are such operations for the body?

“The safety of this operation can never be fully assessed. In this clinic, a lot of adipose tissue is pumped out, because of this, patients are in the hospital for weeks. Due to the fact that there is a violation of water-salt metabolism, a violation of electrolyte metabolism, they need to lie under droppers for a long time (at least 5-6 days), undergo many procedures under the supervision of specialists.

The safety of such a procedure depends on the individual characteristics of the organism: on the presence of an umbilical hernia, chronic diseases in the acute stage. Often, if you remove a large amount of fat at once and do mini-abdominoplasty, there is necrosis of the edges of the tissue - necrosis, since the skin flap is deprived of nutrition.

A seroma can also occur - this is an accumulation of interstitial fluid in a cavity, which has to be punctured. After mini-abdominoplasty, small scars often remain, and after liposculpture - very rarely and to a minimum, somewhere up to 0.5 centimeters in length.

How long will it take to recover from surgery? What doctors' recommendations are important to follow?

- Such patients are advised to limit physical activity for one and a half months after the operation. During this time, they need to wear special underwear and a corset. Food, of course, must also be monitored; after the operation, you cannot go to the nearest burger.

Full recovery of the body occurs over the next few weeks, the maximum period is 3 months.

Weight loss with surgery at 27 is the norm?

- It seems to me that this is either stupidity or hype. I know many people at his age who just take care of themselves and achieve better results than after operations. Plastic surgery, especially when it comes to liposuction and contouring, is mainly for the lazy.

At his age, there are no obstacles in order to get rid of excess weight on his own. Moreover, he was not so overweight. From my own experience, I will say that by observing proper nutrition and playing sports, it is really possible to lose ten kilograms in two months.

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