Why Men And Women Should Eat Differently - The Doctor Explains

Why Men And Women Should Eat Differently - The Doctor Explains
Why Men And Women Should Eat Differently - The Doctor Explains

Video: Why Men And Women Should Eat Differently - The Doctor Explains

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Men and women should eat differently, doctors say.

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According to experts, this is due to different levels of metabolism and differences in the work of the reproductive system. So, the average man needs an average of 2,500 kcal daily, which is 500 kcal more than recommended for women.At the same time, the results of a recent study by scientists from Harvard indicate that not only the number of calories, but also the diet of representatives of different genders should not be identical …

It was found that women who received excess amounts of fast carbohydrates (more than 65% of the total diet) were 30% more likely to experience depression. It is likely that such a diet influenced blood sugar levels and the development of insulin resistance, and this led to fluctuations in the level of the hormone estrogen, which controls, in particular, mood and mental functions.

You cannot completely give up slow carbohydrates, as well as foods from whole grain flours. It is better to replace fast carbohydrates with slow ones. To maintain mental health, men need to eat more fruits and berries than they usually eat.

Women should get more calcium from their diet than men to avoid osteoporosis, which is at higher risk for women, especially during menopause. This means that the diet of women should contain more calcium-rich foods: milk, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, Are we getting kinder: 7 facts about charity in Russia

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- explains Olga Viktorovna Malinovskaya, head of the medical department of the network of laboratory offices of KDL. At the same time, for men, it is more important to consume adequate levels of zinc, since a lack of it can negatively affect the quality of sperm. Zinc is also important for the immune system. Zinc, for example, is found in meats, legumes, nuts, and seafood.

The diet of both men and women should contain a sufficient amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. You cannot refuse them, because without protein, muscles will weaken, the absence of fat will lead to a deterioration in the condition of the skin, disrupt the production of a number of hormones and affect metabolism, a deficiency of carbohydrates will deprive the body of its energy reserve.

It is also important for everyone to regularly eat meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, cereals, nuts, dairy products. A timely comprehensive blood test and a visit to a therapist will help to detect a lack of vitamins.

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