German Nutritionist Named Foods Harmful To Sleep

German Nutritionist Named Foods Harmful To Sleep
German Nutritionist Named Foods Harmful To Sleep

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SIMFEROPOL, 22 Feb - RIA Novosti Crimea. German health food expert Heidrun Schubert said that some foods that have a beneficial effect on the body are still better off at late hours of the day. Even raw vegetables can harm sleep.


Foods that contain licorice root can cause insomnia. This is often due to the glycyrrhizic acid found in the plant. For the same reason, you should not consume caffeinated drinks and even chocolate containing theobromine.

Raw vegetables are unlikely to be as energizing as coffee, but they will make the digestive tract work more actively, which also will not benefit the body. Vegetables will become an obstacle to the transition to deep sleep. Also, dishes with chili and ginger will speed up the metabolism and may even slightly raise the body temperature.

Those who cannot sleep for a long time should postpone dinner to an earlier time so as not to force the body to work at night.

Earlier, scientists from Harvard University announced the startling results of a study in which they examined the relationship between life expectancy and alcohol consumption. It turned out that alcoholic beverages in moderate doses and in combination with proper nutrition not only will not harm health, but will also prolong the happy existence. In their opinion, small doses of alcohol reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and may improve cognitive function.

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