Is Looking For Authors And Editors In The Section On Healthy Lifestyles Is Looking For Authors And Editors In The Section On Healthy Lifestyles Is Looking For Authors And Editors In The Section On Healthy Lifestyles

Video: Is Looking For Authors And Editors In The Section On Healthy Lifestyles

Video: Is Looking For Authors And Editors In The Section On Healthy Lifestyles
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We are actively developing the direction of a healthy and active lifestyle on To grow more efficiently and faster, we open vacancies:


- Author of articles on healthy lifestyles and sports for pleasure

- contributing editor for articles on healthy lifestyle

What the author does:

- checks facts and research;

- talks to doctors, trainers and bloggers - and checks the information they said;

- explains the complex simply.

The conditions and scope of work are discussed individually. You need to complete the first and second parts of the test task.

What the editor does:

- comes up with themes;

- distributes some of the topics among the authors, and writes some of them himself;

- edits, monitors spelling, structure, compliance of the text with the audience for which it is intended, the accuracy and availability of information;

- looking for new authors, checking their competence, ordering articles;

- works with other employees - for example, orders a design from a photo editor;

- monitors the release of articles and their design.

Terms are discussed individually. You must complete all parts of the test task.


1. The editor gives the task: to write an article about the benefits of strength exercises with dumbbells and body weight. Make an outline of the article, indicate what audience it is intended for. Write 2 paragraphs on one of the following topics:

- how to understand that this type of training is suitable for a person;

- how to choose a rug and other accessories for classes;

- what is the first exercise a beginner needs to master and why;

- what are the typical mistakes beginners make.

2. You are writing an article with trainer tips for girls who want to do fitness at home. He sent the text of the advice. How do you fix it? Leave explanatory comments if you see fit.

“The plank is a technically very difficult exercise, but for some reason it is very popular among beginners. If you do not have enough good inclusion of the transverse abdominal muscle, then in this exercise we will see a kind of house-bulging tummy. And if you have weak longitudinal muscles, then the full work of the press will be difficult. The upper rectus abdominis muscles take on the load, and the transverse abdominal muscles cannot work. If you still want to do the bar, choose other exercises from the options we have proposed:

- Plank on straight arms, - Side bar

- Curved plank

- Cross bar on the chair, - Push-ups from the knees, The plank will help you to remove the belly, fat from the sides, and in general will serve for recovery. In addition, you need to eat right, consume carbohydrates and proteins, use vitamins B, C, D and E."

3. Describe your actions in the following situations. Tell us in detail what the main plan will be, what the back-up plan will be, why.

- You need to come up with ten different topics for articles about the benefits of yoga;

- You need to find an expert who will tell you which diets are good for your health;

- It is now 10 pm, tomorrow morning a new article needs to be published, but all your authors are busy, and the one who was supposed to do the article for tomorrow does not respond to messages. He wrote an article about proper balance board training - and you don't understand anything at all about this topic.

Send a letter to [email protected] with a story about yourself (in free form, not a resume) and the result of the test task in Google Docs. In the title of the letter, write "Author for" or "Editor for".