What Attractive Women See In Men's Hands

What Attractive Women See In Men's Hands
What Attractive Women See In Men's Hands

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At the first acquaintance, a woman can evaluate a man from almost one glance, and her further attitude towards him will depend to one degree or another on this assessment. As psychologists from Princeton University Alexander Todorov and Ioannina Willis have established, a person evaluates another person by his appearance in just a tenth of a second. When meeting a man, women will definitely appreciate his hands, because it is the hands that are one of the parts of the male body that attract the weaker sex the most.

Most of all, women like long male fingers with well-groomed and neatly trimmed nails of a beautiful shape. Often women admit that when they look at men's hands, the first thing they do is try to notice whether there is a wedding ring on the finger. Dirty, unkempt hands can testify not only to the carelessness and untidiness of a man, but also to the fact that he is forced to do a lot of physical labor.

Researchers from the Jagiellonian University (Poland) have come to the conclusion that it is the strong and beautiful hands that are the most attractive parts of the male body for women. Many women note that they like the veins and veins protruding in the hands. Perhaps sinewy hands in the subconscious of a woman are associated with a strong male, who not only can stand up for his female, but is also able to perform a variety of work. And, as you know, females prefer to give birth to offspring from the most powerful and well-adapted males.

At the University of Albuquerque, studies were conducted, during which it was found that men with symmetrical paired body parts seem more attractive to women. That is, if a man has both hands that look the same, then he has a better chance of winning a woman than a man who has certain discrepancies in the structure of his hands. The same goes for legs, ears, eyes, etc.

So men can be advised to always take care of their hands, because they certainly will not escape the sharp feminine gaze.

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