Volgograd Residents Believe In The Professionalism Of Our Doctors

Volgograd Residents Believe In The Professionalism Of Our Doctors
Volgograd Residents Believe In The Professionalism Of Our Doctors

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Today's main news in reports from the world coronavirus fronts is associated with the conclusions of scientists about the degree of vulnerability of people with different blood groups to coronavirus infection. Published in the journal of the American Society of Hematology Blood Advances, the research data of US scientists was commented on by the head of the Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia Veronika Skvortsova.


She confirmed the conclusion of her American colleagues that among the patients with coronavirus most of all people with the second blood group. However, in her opinion, this can be explained statistically. The second blood group, according to Skvortsova, is the most common among the inhabitants of our country. The author of these lines, who is the owner of just the second blood group, did not fail to look into the reference books and found out a lot of interesting things about human blood. The first thing that surprised me and which I never thought about was that in the bodies of men and women, it turns out, not the same amount of it.

Does everyone know that the volume of blood in men is 5.2 liters, and in women - only 3.9 liters? It is clear that there is much less blood in the body of newborns - from 200 to 350 grams. And the mass fraction of blood in the body of an adult is 6-8 percent.

And some more informative information. Usually, the first blood group is considered the most common in the world, approximately 45 percent of the world's population has it. The second blood group is more common in Europeans, around the world it is found in 35 percent of the population, the third group - in 13 percent, and the rarest, fourth - in 7 percent of people. According to scientists, the ability of the viral domain to "preferentially recognize" antigens of the second blood group may indicate that SARS-CoV viruses "choose" people with it.

Scientists of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, as stated by its head Veronika Skvortsova, confirm that the prevailing blood group among those infected with COVID-19 is the second, which is far from other groups. In second place are the first and third. And least of all, there is a rare group - the fourth. Over the past day in Russia, the number of COVID-19 cases again exceeded 11 thousand people. 11 385 new cases were registered. In the last two days, their number did not exceed 10,600. In the Volgograd Region, over the past 24 hours, the diagnosis of coronavirus infection was confirmed in 161 people, 7 deaths were recorded. Currently, 2,387 people are being treated in regional hospitals, of which 2,369 are adults and 18 children, including 1,373 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus. Physicians are fighting for their health and lives.

Vaccination of the population against COVID-19 is successfully continuing in our region. The other day ahead of schedule, the region received another batch of 6,000 sets of the domestic vaccine "Sputnik V". They have already been distributed to all vaccination centers. The stock of the drug today, taking into account the previous delivery, exceeds 12.5 thousand sets, which covers the need for the planned period.

According to data to date, in the Volgograd region, 53,557 people (2.15% of the total population) have been vaccinated against coronavirus with at least one component of the vaccine. Fully vaccinated - 25 699. In total, 79 256 vaccinations were made in the region. In our region, the phased reduction of infectious beds and the restoration of the core activities of healthcare institutions continues. Some of them, after carrying out the necessary sanitary and epidemiological measures, are already routinely receiving patients.

Now 3478 infectious beds remain in hospitals, 24 medical institutions in the region continue to receive patients for treatment for coronavirus infection. The free bed capacity is 30 percent.

From March 10, the hospital of war veterans will begin to accept for treatment and rehabilitation of planned patients of the older generation, where the necessary sanitary and epidemiological measures are now being carried out. At the moment, the situation in the Volgograd region remains stable and continues to develop with positive dynamics.

“The health care system of the Volgograd region is working steadily,” says Governor Andrei Bocharov. - In conditions of increased workloads of doctors, we provide qualified medical care to patients with coronavirus infection and all other patients through emergency, emergency and planned medical care.

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