Dr. Myasnikov Spoke About The "temporary Retreat" Of COVID-19

Dr. Myasnikov Spoke About The "temporary Retreat" Of COVID-19
Dr. Myasnikov Spoke About The "temporary Retreat" Of COVID-19

Video: Dr. Myasnikov Spoke About The "temporary Retreat" Of COVID-19

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Video: Александр Мясников вспомнил, как с друзьями похитил девушку. Доктор Мясников @Россия 1 2023, February

MOSCOW, 11 Feb - RIA Novosti. The incidence of coronavirus is gradually decreasing, but this is only a "temporary retreat," wrote doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov on his Telegram channel.

According to him, based on data from population studies on the percentage of antibodies in humans, about a billion people have already suffered from COVID-19.

Herd immunity, he said, is "on the march", but the infection itself will not go anywhere: the coronavirus will cease to be called "new" and will take its place among other types of human coronaviruses - their number will thus increase to five. The other four varieties, as the physician recalled, also once came to man from animals.

"And surely the arrival of each was marked by a similar outbreak of colds. Only 100 years ago the newspapers were occupied by others, even the Spanish woman was not immediately noticed," the doctor wrote.

He noted that the flu was called "Spanish flu" only because only this country wrote about it.

"With the obvious failure of the development of effective antiviral drugs, it remains to rely on the presence of immunity. Your own, personal -" there is no one personal destiny, all destinies are merged into a single one!"

Earlier, the director of the WHO health emergencies program, Michael Ryan, said that humanity will have many years of fighting the pandemic. Despite progress, there are still many factors that indicate that the pandemic will not be “easy” to cope with. According to a WHO representative, now people around the world are sick with coronavirus, and its spread is not being contained everywhere. Ryan also noted the fact that the amount of coronavirus vaccines produced is not enough to overcome the pandemic.

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