Moscow Delivers Coronavirus Vaccine To Private Clinics

Moscow Delivers Coronavirus Vaccine To Private Clinics
Moscow Delivers Coronavirus Vaccine To Private Clinics

Video: Moscow Delivers Coronavirus Vaccine To Private Clinics

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“Vaccination against coronavirus in Moscow is gaining momentum. more than 50 private companies have expressed a desire to cooperate with the Moscow Government, and we have already signed agreements with 34 of them. We have supplied the drug to 15 clinics. These are organizations such as Russian Railways, Medsi, European Medical Center., K + 31, Euromedservice, Doctor nearby, Polyclinic 101 and others. In some of them, vaccination of residents has already begun."

According to Anastasia Rakova, the vaccine itself is free for residents, payment is made only for the services of the clinic for the injection. Also, by agreement, a condition for a private organization is the availability of the necessary freezing equipment, strict adherence to the cold chain and proper storage of the vaccine. In addition, information about vaccinated Muscovites, both in private and city institutions, is accumulated in a single system.

"Now Muscovites themselves can choose where to get the vaccine - in a city polyclinic or a private medical organization. This is convenient, including for those who are accustomed to receiving medical services in private clinics. I hope that now even more Muscovites will be able to get vaccinated against the virus and protect themselves and their own people. loved ones ", - added Anastasia Rakova.

A large-scale vaccination against coronavirus has been taking place in Moscow since December 5. The number of categories of residents who have access to the vaccine is constantly expanding. Older Muscovites and residents with chronic diseases can also get vaccinated. It is they who are at the highest risk group for the incidence of coronavirus.

Today in Moscow the number of vaccination points based on city polyclinics has expanded to 100. They work daily from 8:00 to 20:00.

To get vaccinated against coronavirus, you need a passport and an OMS policy, and for workers in industries, a document is also required that confirms the fact of working in Moscow in the relevant industry (for example, a certificate from the place of work).

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