Coronavirus. Long Winter Holidays And Other Solutions 12/29/20

Coronavirus. Long Winter Holidays And Other Solutions 12/29/20
Coronavirus. Long Winter Holidays And Other Solutions 12/29/20

Video: Coronavirus. Long Winter Holidays And Other Solutions 12/29/20

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Video: Safer Holidays during COVID-19 2023, February

The long autumn holidays have played a huge role in containing the spread of coronavirus infection. The rate of growth of morbidity among schoolchildren has decreased. More importantly, the children have become less likely to transmit the disease to their elderly relatives, for whom it is especially dangerous. The proportion of the older generation among those infected with covid has decreased from 25% to 16%.

However, in December, the epidemiological situation deteriorated significantly again. The number of hospitalizations has been growing for three weeks in a row and on some days it is very close to 2000 people every day. This, of course, is very alarming.

At the same time, the New Year holidays are ahead, which will objectively help slow down the spread of infection.

But, according to experts, 11 days of holidays and vacations will still not be enough to significantly knock down the current wave of growth. At least partially, the pause should last longer - at least two weeks.

Therefore, we made the following decisions.

1) Winter holidays in city schools from grades 1 to 11 are extended by a week - until January 17, 2021.

2) Colleges, institutions of additional education for children and sports schools under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Government go on long vacations along with schools.

3) Non-governmental educational institutions are encouraged to make similar decisions.

4) There will be no distance learning during the holidays. However, the guys can repeat the passed and, if they wish, study new material with the help of the Moscow Electronic School.

5) The list of industries whose workers can be vaccinated against Covid-19 is expanding.

Starting tomorrow, an appointment will be open for construction workers and college and university students over 18 years old.

Vaccination of students under the age of 18 is not possible because the use of the vaccine for minors has not yet received approval from the Russian Ministry of Health.

6) In addition, citizens suffering from chronic diseases, the presence of which requires observing a home regime, will be able to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Of course, if there are no contraindications established by the instructions for use of the vaccine.

7) I am often asked if vaccination exempts from the restrictions imposed in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Indeed, vaccination reduces the risk of getting sick yourself and becoming a source of infection for others. Therefore, people who have been vaccinated should be able to gradually return to normal life.

As a first step, older Muscovites, students over 18 years of age and citizens suffering from chronic diseases will be able to once again enjoy the right to free and reduced travel on public transport. Their social cards will be automatically unlocked 14 days after receiving the second vaccine component.

Friends, Long school holidays will stabilize the incidence of covid disease at a lower level than it is now. This means that in January we will be able to avoid the introduction of new, extremely undesirable restrictions.

Let us be as careful as possible in the coming days to preserve our health and the health of our loved ones.

And let's not delay getting vaccinated against Covid-19. A long weekend is a good opportunity to get vaccinated to feel confident in the new year. Vaccination points will be open daily, except for December 31 and January 1.

Be healthy!

Your mayor

S. Sobyanin

Source: blog of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin

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