Ordinary Mortals In Search Of Vital

Ordinary Mortals In Search Of Vital
Ordinary Mortals In Search Of Vital

Video: Ordinary Mortals In Search Of Vital

Video: Ordinary Mortals In Search Of Vital

As before, one of the most pressing problems in the country is the lack of medicines. But not only for those with coronavirus.


In the current situation, patients with a wide variety of ailments complain that medicines that are important for them are missing, sometimes those without which they cannot survive.

A month ago, Elena turned from the city of Kursk with a plea for help to a disabled child Matvey: “According to the federal budget, I received a drug that was vital for him for her son. We have been taking it daily for 9 years. Once again I wrote out a prescription in the children's clinic, but the pharmacy told me that this drug was no longer there, and when it would not be known. And without this Matvey cannot live! Help me please!.

It was necessary not only to send a request, but also to urgently call officials, and wow, the medicine was quickly found. Officials reported that the drug for Matvey is included in the application for the next 2021.

Yeah, so if you push, everything is possible.

Quite often it turns out that it is not a shortage of anything - from medicines to hospital beds, but a total ignorance, heartless indifference that ordinary mortals meet.

A separate topic is the inaccessibility of the vaccine and the lack of understanding: what quality it will turn out to be when it reaches the ordinary citizen.

Again, the social distance is between the upper stratum and everyone else.

Apparently, in its pure and original form, the vaccine is quite effective for itself. But where are the guarantees that it will not be counterfeited, like other drugs?

The level of protection provided by the Russian vaccine against coronavirus reaches 97%, the president said at an annual press conference. More than 50 countries have received applications for the purchase of over 1.2 billion doses of Sputnik V vaccine. The vaccine for supply to foreign markets will be produced by international partners of the Russian Direct Investment Fund in India, Brazil, China, Korea and other countries. Two domestic vaccines against coronavirus have been registered in Russia: one was developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamaleya of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the other - by the State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" of Rospotrebnadzor. Soon, it is possible to register the third vaccine created by the Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations named after V. I. M. P. Chumakova of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

But the most important thing is to provide our own citizens with them before delivering the vaccine and life-saving medicines to other countries.

So that it does not work, as with gas supplies to other lands with indifference to their territories and people.

There are many questions and promises, while the flow of letters about the deadly and vitally important remains unabated: no medicine, no doctors, no ambulances, no places in hospitals …

And for each letter, you can open a criminal case.