Habib Compared Cristiano, Messi And Zlatan

Habib Compared Cristiano, Messi And Zlatan
Habib Compared Cristiano, Messi And Zlatan

Video: Habib Compared Cristiano, Messi And Zlatan

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Video: ХАБИБ - чего БОИТСЯ КРИШТИАНУ | мотивация от ЗЛАТАНА и ДЕБЮТ в ФУТБОЛЕ 2023, February

The reigning UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov compared three outstanding footballers of our time: Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi.

- Everyone knows that you are friends with Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone knows that he is a super professional. Tell a story about him that few people know, but which impressed even you.

- We are constantly texting, communicating. When we met, the discussion with him was how to get motivation. He told me that he would like his son to surpass him, but he worries that he will not be able to do this. Why? At his age, Cristiano just dreamed of simple boots, - said Khabib in an interview with the Krasava YouTube channel.

- Was hungry, in short?

- Yes. And his son has everything - and because of this, Cristiano is afraid that there will be no hunger. In fact, it is, hunger drives a person, motivation is needed, you need something to strive for. When you have everything, it's hard to get motivated. He gave me this example - and I'm not that surprised, seemingly simple things. But I liked it, I realized that such a person would never be content with one, two, three titles. I think that he will bomb for another two or three seasons.

- Cristiano, Zlatan, Messi - rank them according to talent, from best to worst.

- It's a setup (laughs). But in the first place, I think, would put Cristiano. In his own way, Zlatan can also be called a great footballer, but I think that the second best result is, of course, Messi. I have a very serious relationship with Zlatan, we communicate after each of his matches, after each of my fights we communicated and still communicate.

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