9 Weeks Pregnant: What Is The Reason For The Discomfort In The Abdomen?

9 Weeks Pregnant: What Is The Reason For The Discomfort In The Abdomen?
9 Weeks Pregnant: What Is The Reason For The Discomfort In The Abdomen?

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Pregnancy is a time when every unusual sensation is alarming, especially in the early stages. Changes in well-being in the first trimester may be due to completely natural reasons, not even related to gestation, but may indicate pathology of gestation. Consider the 9th week of pregnancy: abdominal sensations that are normal for this period, and what should be alarming.

Physiological causes of early abdominal discomfort

The reasons due to physiological processes mean natural sensations in the abdomen for the 9th week of pregnancy, which do not threaten the health of the mother and fetus.

As a rule, at this time, pulling pain in the lower abdomen is alarming. If it is short-lived and is not combined with girdle, seizing pain, bloody discharge, then this is most likely the body's natural response to an enlargement of the uterus. In most cases, complaints of soreness, pulling sensations in the abdomen at an early stage are due to physiology. So, at a gestation period of 1-2 weeks (6-8 days after fertilization), discomfort can be caused by implantation of an embryo into the uterine endometrium. In addition to pressure on the surrounding organs, soreness in the uterus and short-term muscle tone are often the result of increased blood supply to this organ. In addition, pregnancy is often accompanied by intestinal dysfunctions, this is how an increased level of progesterone works. Because of it, the intestinal walls do not contract as actively as before, which leads to stagnation of intestinal contents, gas formation, constipation and soreness.

In case of intestinal disorders, it is necessary to consume more fluids and foods with fiber (fresh vegetables, fruits, bran). If dietary correction does not help, you should consult with your doctor about possible drug therapy options. It is impossible to choose medicines for constipation on your own: many drugs are prohibited for pregnant women.

If we talk about the sensations of the baby's movement inside, then at 9 weeks of pregnancy it is too early to talk about movements. The average period for the first pregnancy is 18-20 weeks, with the second 16-18.

When does abdominal pain indicate a problem?

But not always at the 9th week of pregnancy, the sensations in the abdomen are caused by physiological processes. Sometimes they can indicate the development of gestational pathology.

In the early stages, pathological pulling pain in the lower abdomen can be caused by chorionic detachment and a developing miscarriage. This is an extremely dangerous condition that requires urgent medical attention. If the pain syndrome can be described as strong, cramping, pronounced pulling pain, it is imperative and immediately go to the clinic. When bleeding from the vagina is attached, it is necessary to call an ambulance for hospitalization in a hospital. In some cases, discomfort in the lower abdomen can be triggered by an undeveloped pregnancy with a frozen fetus. There are many reasons for this pathology, and not always they can be identified or prevented.

According to scientists (Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases), one of the factors provoking violations of the development of the embryo or fetus is the pathology of the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism.

Other likely causes of unpleasant and painful abdominal sensations include:

infections and inflammation of the urinary system, reproductive organs; diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including appendicitis, etc.


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