The Doctor Explained The Danger Of Condoms For A Woman

The Doctor Explained The Danger Of Condoms For A Woman
The Doctor Explained The Danger Of Condoms For A Woman

Video: The Doctor Explained The Danger Of Condoms For A Woman

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Experts from Roskachestvo have found that not all brands of condoms are safe for health: some have a high zinc content, others have an excess of isopropanol. "Vechernyaya Moskva" asked the experts what side effects can be encountered after using low-quality contraceptives.

According to Ekaterina Makarova, a dermatovenerologist-urologist, today two types of condoms are produced in the world - from latex and from polyurethane.

- The first ones are made from natural materials. Among the advantages of this type of contraceptive, one can single out reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The product has a soft texture, - said the doctor.

However, there are also disadvantages. First of all, as Makarova notes, these are possible allergic reactions.

- By itself, latex can cause skin irritation, in particular in people with an individual intolerance to this component. The material can cause allergies, which will manifest itself in the form of skin rashes and itching. If there are additional chemical impurities in the product, they can further aggravate the situation, the expert believes.

As for the second group of products, they are made from synthetic polymer materials. Their main difference from the first version is that polyurethane samples are twice as strong and six times thinner than conventional latex condoms due to their molecular structure. Moreover, they are hypoallergenic.

The expert notes that a significant and main disadvantage of polyurethane products is the price, since the starting material, when compared with latex, is much more expensive.

According to the doctor, zinc and isopropanol can only be contained in a latex condom.

- However, even in the presence of these compounds, the quality of contraception in the means does not decrease, relatively speaking, the presence of these substances does not in any way increase the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases to a partner. Only dermatological problems can arise, she added.

Doctor-sexologist Yevgeny Kulgavchuk, in a conversation with Vechernyaya Moskva, noted that the chemicals contained in contraceptives can have a toxic effect on the body, but not globally.

- Firstly, a person's contact with a condom is relatively short-lived, and, secondly, the content of these substances in them is insignificant in order to cause any serious, destructive effect on the body.

At the same time, Kulgavchuk noted that in the case of a high content of toxic substances in the used product, the likelihood of a negative effect of toxins on the female body is much higher than on the male, since the area of ​​the mucous membrane in women is larger, respectively, when any infection enters this environment, the rate of spread of the pathogenic the microbe will be much faster than in the male body. The foreign body will cause itching in the intimate area and other uncomfortable sensations.

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