The Doctor Named A Way To Get Rid Of Circles Under The Eyes

The Doctor Named A Way To Get Rid Of Circles Under The Eyes
The Doctor Named A Way To Get Rid Of Circles Under The Eyes

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Video: How Do I Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles Without Surgery? - Dr. Anthony Youn 2023, February

Blue circles under the eyes are not only one of the signs of fatigue and lack of sleep, but can also indicate circulatory disorders. Dermatologist-cosmetologist Daria Baskakova told about this to Zvezda TV channel.

According to the doctor, if a person has blue circles under the eyes from a young or adolescent age, but they are not a family feature, then it is necessary to look for the reasons for this.

“It could be circulatory failure, which is associated with anemia. For example, you need to look for an obvious or latent iron deficiency. Sometimes it may be a circulatory failure associated with disorders in the cervical spine or the collar zone,”Baskakova explained.

She noted that if a person has bruises under the eyes recently, then the situation can be corrected with the help of cosmetics. She advised the use of creams and serums, which include caffeine, ascorbic acid, but provided that there is no allergy to it.

“Creams with peptides, with vaso-strengthening components, such as plant bioflavonoids, will also help. Light self-massage is not prohibited, but gently, without stretching the skin. You can also do a gentle rubbing with ice cubes. And not only the eyes, but the whole face,”said the dermatologist-cosmetologist.

She added that due to long sitting at the computer, lack of fresh air, tissues not only under the eyes suffer. But on the eyelids, the skin is thin with closely spaced vessels, so it is this area that attracts attention.

“In fact, blue circles under the eyes can be a symptom of poor blood circulation in general and poor tissue oxygenation, that is, poor oxygen saturation,” the doctor summed up.

Earlier, a dermatologist called blue circles under the eyes one of the main signs of fatigue, which are formed as a result of overexertion of the optic nerves. The doctor named prolonged use of the computer, regular lack of sleep or overwork as the reasons for the appearance of bruises under the eyes.

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