In Moscow, The Writer Died Of Hunger

In Moscow, The Writer Died Of Hunger
In Moscow, The Writer Died Of Hunger

Video: In Moscow, The Writer Died Of Hunger

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Young writer Adeline Sheldon died in Moscow. She is believed to have starved to death as a victim of a fashionable diet.

Sheldon's body was found in an apartment in the southwest of the capital. The body of the writer with no signs of life was found by the owner of the house. He reported the incident to the police and called an ambulance.

The law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene did not find traces of the violent death. From Sheldon's diary, they learned that she was dry fasting. The police believe that at some point the girl became ill, but there was no one to call the doctors - the writer led a reclusive lifestyle.

The owner of the apartment told MK.RU that his family met Sheldon a few years ago, when she first rented an apartment from them. He noted the education, good manners and modesty of the girl. According to the man, Sheldon returned to Moscow shortly before the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the restrictions associated with the infection, she experienced financial difficulties, but she was not required to pay for housing. Moreover, the couple offered to arrange her as a foreign language tutor, but the writer refused.

Sheldon is a native of Ukraine. She started writing at the age of 12. He is the author of the book "Crowned" about the French royal family of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

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