The Russians Were Told Whether Alcohol Saves From Frostbite

The Russians Were Told Whether Alcohol Saves From Frostbite
The Russians Were Told Whether Alcohol Saves From Frostbite

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Winter is not only beautiful snowy landscapes, but also severe cold weather. One of the risks at this time of year is frostbite. When cooled, the vessels close to the skin's surface narrow to retain body heat and reduce blood flow.

The risk group of those who can get frostbite, experts include:

Children; Old people; Women; People with low body weight; Smokers.

The latter are characterized by disturbances in the work of blood vessels and blood circulation in connection with smoking. Those who are prone to bad habits include those who like to warm up with alcohol. Experts warn that alcohol provokes a sharp expansion of blood vessels, which are in spasm during hypothermia. Such conflicting processes can cause malfunctions in the vascular system. Also, alcohol creates the illusion of warmth in the body, which can lead to greater hypothermia.

It is important to know that frostbite occurs imperceptibly, but quickly. Among the signs of hypothermia:

Decrease or loss of sensitivity of the affected areas; Tingling or tingling sensation; Whitening of the skin (first degree of frostbite); Blisters (second degree frostbite).

If you notice something from the list, you need to immediately return to a warm room, where you can apply a heat-insulating bandage. It is easy to make it yourself from cotton wool and bandages. Experts consider warm sweet tea to be another good way, says AIF. Having drunk such a drink, a person will warm the body. After carrying out all the procedures, you need to carefully monitor the condition in the following days. So, if the sensitivity of the tissues has not returned, especially if they change color or there are symptoms of intoxication, you should immediately consult a doctor for help.

Previously, scientists have identified the mortal danger of alcohol for millions of people. Abuse of it often leads to dangerous consequences for the body. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco conducted an experiment and discovered who should completely give up alcohol.

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