Milliyet (Turkey): Eat This Fruit During Pregnancy

Milliyet (Turkey): Eat This Fruit During Pregnancy
Milliyet (Turkey): Eat This Fruit During Pregnancy

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It is believed that if during pregnancy there is a quince, the collection of which begins with the onset of autumn, a beautiful child will be born. Containing vitamins, antioxidants and antianemic properties, this fruit is endlessly beneficial for expectant mothers. Obstetrician-gynecologist Ertan İzgiç talks about the benefits of quince and the importance of this product


Quince, recommended by specialists during pregnancy, keeps you feeling full, helps control weight, and relieves nausea.

This fruit also contains vitamins A, B, C and is one of the most recommended by doctors for expectant mothers. In addition, quince supports skin health.

In our country, many food products are available to us, and it will not be difficult for us to find vegetables and fruits, unlike, for example, the Scandinavian countries. We have literally all kinds of fruits at our disposal, and this is the advantage of the geographical position of our country.

Of course, during pregnancy, you have to take nutritional supplements, iron supplements, but natural foods should take the specific weight. Expectant mothers need to give priority to plant foods, red and white meat. In our region, quince is widely grown and even exported abroad.

Quince is the most valuable product. In addition to many vitamins and trace elements in its composition, this fruit also has antioxidant and antianemic properties. Especially due to the presence of dietary fiber, quince also supports the feeling of fullness. Therefore, it is a mandatory part of most diets, as well as the diet during pregnancy.

In addition, quince has a low glycemic index. Combined with its ability to stay full, this is also one of the reasons why this fruit is highly recommended for expectant mothers. Quince is even more important for those who are prone to weight gain.

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