The Curse Of January 1: How To Survive Alcohol Poisoning And Overeating

The Curse Of January 1: How To Survive Alcohol Poisoning And Overeating
The Curse Of January 1: How To Survive Alcohol Poisoning And Overeating

Video: The Curse Of January 1: How To Survive Alcohol Poisoning And Overeating

Video: The Curse Of January 1: How To Survive Alcohol Poisoning And Overeating

Russians are always looking forward to the New Year's table. Indeed, it is on December 31 that many give vent to the stomach, even those who have been on strict diets all year. Russians do not forget about alcohol either. For some, it even becomes the main decoration of the festive table. After all, there are as many as 10 days of vacation ahead - "it can be noted." However, on January 1, the joy of many Russians evaporates, and only a feeling of regret remains due to the amount of food eaten and drunk. How to get through this day and cope with overeating and alcohol poisoning - in the material


Emergency care on January 1, year after year, is working to the limit. Especially often doctors take people with acute pancreatitis to hospitals. The reason for this is excessive alcohol consumption, variety and abundance of food, unusual eating habits, as well as hidden problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Nutritionist and nutritionist Maria Kalugina said this in a conversation with

To reduce the risk of pancreatitis and ease the state of overeating on January 1, you should first drink enough water. Calculating your personal daily allowance is easy - you need to multiply your weight by 0.03, the specialist explains. Water improves the elimination of toxins, relieves the body and fills it with lost moisture. This is especially important after a festive meal, as the abundance of salt in New Year's dishes creates swelling and interferes with normal digestion.

On January 1, it is also necessary to unload the enzymatic systems of the body - the pancreas, liver and intestines. For this reason, it is better to eat light meals during the day: pickled vegetables, herbs, berries, lean fish or poultry.

At the same time, in no case should you finish yesterday's dishes, because many of them stand on the table for a long time at night and lose their former freshness, Kalugina explains. Otherwise, on the first day of the new year, you may encounter symptoms of not only overeating, but also food poisoning.


Author: Maria Kalugina [nutritionist and nutritionist]

After the festive feast, I also strongly recommend taking care of the intestinal microflora and taking live bifidobacteria and lactobacilli with meals for several days. This will help avoid dysbiosis.

Alcohol poisoning

Those who have gone too far with alcohol in the New Year are advised to drink hot broth, preferably meat broth, on January 1. This product will help the body to quickly restore the acid-base balance and, due to its temperature, will start digestion. All this will speed up the detoxification process. Olga Burlakova, therapist and nutritionist, said this in a conversation with

If broth is not at hand, you can opt for brine. It is not for nothing that a person with alcohol poisoning wants this particular product. The body requires brine, as it contains a large amount of salts, which are necessary for the elimination of toxins, the specialist explains.

As a last resort, the doctor recommends drinking warm water with plenty of lemon juice. This drink also helps to restore acid-base balance.


Author: Olga Burlakova [therapist and wellness specialist]

Acid-base balance is an important parameter that is maintained in human blood at certain values. This is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, the course of biochemical reactions and the optimal functioning of enzymes. When alcoholic beverages are consumed, this balance is disturbed and goes towards acidification. You can restore it with the help of products that alkalize our body.

Physical activity will also help get rid of alcohol poisoning. The thing is that the movement activates the work of the lymphatic system, which plays an important role in metabolism, as well as in the purification of cells and tissues of the body. The specialist recommends doing a jog on January 1, or at least squatting and jumping. If the exercises are very difficult to do, you can take a contrast shower and finish this procedure with cold water. This tones the blood vessels, which will help you feel a little better, concluded Burlakova.