It's Not Too Late: The Ministry Of Health Has Revealed The Secret Of Healthy Eating After 40 Years

It's Not Too Late: The Ministry Of Health Has Revealed The Secret Of Healthy Eating After 40 Years
It's Not Too Late: The Ministry Of Health Has Revealed The Secret Of Healthy Eating After 40 Years

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After 40 years, many Russians begin to feel the consequences of bad habits, a disturbed daily routine and improper diet, which were their faithful companions throughout their lives. In addition, the body in its fifties undergoes changes - the metabolism slows down, the hormonal background changes. For this reason, nutrition after 40 years should be aimed at preventing diseases that often make themselves felt in adulthood. In particular, we are talking about obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract. What diet will help maintain youth and healthy weight, was told in the Ministry of Health.

General rules

After 40 years, it is especially important to keep track of the numbers on the scales. The thing is that with excess weight in a person, already elderly joints begin to suffer - the risks of their deformation are high. In addition, in this case, the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus increases. Olga Tkacheva, chief geriatrician of the Ministry of Health, said this in a conversation with

In adulthood, the specialist recommends giving up easily digestible carbohydrates, which are found in sweet candies, soda, cakes and cakes. In addition, it is important to limit salt intake to five grams per day, Tkacheva notes. It should be borne in mind that it is already contained in many products. This will help reduce the risks of osteoporosis and high blood pressure.


Author: Olga Tkacheva [Chief Geriatrician of the Ministry of Health of Russia]

It is also recommended that you include 400-600 grams of raw vegetables and fruits in your daily diet and remember to consume enough dairy products to get the calcium needed for bones. At the same time, I would like to note that proper nutrition must be adhered to at any age. However, after 40 years, it is worth paying special attention to. After all, a person's metabolism begins to slow down over time and chronic diseases appear. And this is also accompanied by a decrease in physical activity.

Gender differences

Meanwhile, the correct diet after 40 years for men and women is somewhat different. Mostly due to differences in hormonal systems, Olga Burlakova, therapist and nutritionist, explained in a conversation with

To stay healthy and active, men must consume almost eight times more carbohydrates than proteins, and the amount in the women's diet must be equal. However, both sexes need to keep a close eye on the amount of fat. They should make up no more than a third of the total calorie content of the menu, the specialist explains.

Traditionally, fatty meats, lard, sausages, juicy steaks are considered "men's" food. However, it is for the stronger sex, and especially after 40 years, that these products pose the greatest danger. The thing is that men at this age are more susceptible to vascular atherosclerosis, notes Burlakova.

However, men cannot completely abandon fat in their diet. It has been proven that their complete elimination can lead to impotence.


Author: Olga Burlakova [therapist and wellness specialist]

After 40 years, men should replace fatty meat with fish. It contains a complete protein and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prevent atherosclerotic changes. A man's grocery basket should contain other seafood as well.They not only support the reproductive system, but also enhance libido due to the large amount of easily digestible proteins and zinc.

But women should not give up meat before menopause. She usually arrives at the age of 47. The thing is that there should be more fat in the diet of the fair sex than that of men. This is necessary to maintain the correct hormonal balance. And from problems with the heart and blood vessels, the female body is reliably protected by estrogens.

After menopause, meat consumption should be reduced for the fair sex. Since from this moment in the body, the production of sex hormones decreases and the digestibility of animal proteins worsens.

It should be noted that the female body is more in need of fiber, which can be obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. Men, on the other hand, can get a sufficient amount of dietary fiber from bread and bran, Burlakova concluded.

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