Doctors Named The Most Dangerous Diets For Human Health

Doctors Named The Most Dangerous Diets For Human Health
Doctors Named The Most Dangerous Diets For Human Health

Video: Doctors Named The Most Dangerous Diets For Human Health

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Popular diets often cause numerous diseases. So, a dry diet caused the death of a girl in Moscow. She denied herself not only food, but also water. This and other diets can cause serious changes in the human body: from rapid fat burning to dehydration and almost incurable pathologies.


Some of the most harmful to human health are the so-called mono-diets, in which the diet consists of only one type of product. For example, only vegetables, or only dairy products. Such diets cause a deficiency of essential trace elements and substances. Because of this, patients often face malfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, as well as hair and nails loss and brittleness.

Dukan's diet, which has become especially popular in Russia, is considered no less harmful. Together with rapid weight loss, health is also lost. People who practice the Ducan diet face difficult problems, from hair loss to menstrual irregularities.

Ducan's diet often leads to constipation, problems with the pancreas, slow metabolism, varicose veins. This is due to the fact that such a diet excludes the necessary polyunsaturated unhealthy fats, fiber and vitamins.

Carbohydrate diets are also dangerous because carbohydrates are an integral part of the diet. Excluding them from the diet leads to sudden mood swings, impaired cognitive functions, and memory impairment. In addition, in conditions of carbohydrate deficiency, the body begins to burn its proteins, and the resulting decay products poison the body.

In addition to physical abnormalities, these diets can lead to depression, irritability and malfunctioning of the reproductive system.

“In any case, doctors warn: before starting any diet, think about the consequences. And be sure to consult with a specialist,”the article says.

Experts recommend eating at least three small meals a day, as long intervals between meals provoke overeating.

Earlier, nutritionist Mariyat Mukhina, in a commentary for Word and Deed, talked about how to properly consume carbohydrates during a diet, and why they cannot be completely excluded from your diet.

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