At 10.00 _______ 25.02 _______ Citrus Fruits Guarding Immunity

At 10.00 _______ 25.02 _______ Citrus Fruits Guarding Immunity
At 10.00 _______ 25.02 _______ Citrus Fruits Guarding Immunity

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Strengthening the body's defenses to withstand the attack of viruses is our main task. Both moderate exercise and a healthy diet that include seasonal fruits will support your immune system.


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If autumn vegetables are well stored almost until the end of winter and are available to us all year round both fresh and pickled, then one can only dream of summer fruits. Winter, as they say, is not a season for fruits. So, but not so. Some fruits traditionally come to our table just in the midst of frost. We are talking about the brightest and healthiest - pomegranates, persimmons and citrus fruits. We associate winter with them, and their vitamins will help us withstand the cold.

True, the content of valuable substances in citrus fruits directly depends on the conditions under which the plant grew. It is important that the conditions are as close as possible to wild, natural, and not greenhouse. Then the beneficial substances will accumulate in the fruits to the maximum, because the seeds need to grow strong in order to survive in the environment. For example, in Turkey, citrus trees grow in fertile soil, with high levels of humidity and plenty of sunlight, not under glass. Farmers use a minimum of fertilizers - you can't drag them up the mountain. That is why there are many biologically active substances in the fruits from such trees, which is noticeable by the branded acidity: there are more valuable substances and less sugar.

How to get through the winter?

Frequent companions of cold weather and the dark season are fatigue, apathy and drowsiness. To feel better and invigorate, it is enough to drink a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice - again, not very sweet, but with sourness - or hot tea with lemon. Citrus fruits are our first helpers in the prevention of colds. If we eat 2 tangerines and 1 orange or half a grapefruit a day, what do we get in the end?

A shock dose of vitamin C in an easily assimilated form. It will increase the body's resistance to viral diseases, and if we do get sick, it will reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease and shorten its duration.

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that blocks the development of so-called abnormal cells that can cause tumors, as well as the production of autoantibodies that destroy our tissues.

Folic acid (B9), which helps cell division to proceed in a "normal" mode, supporting DNA methylation, which, in turn, ensures the well-coordinated work of the heart and blood vessels, hematopoiesis and the transmission of signals along the nerves.

A small dose of coumarins - biologically active substances that reduce blood viscosity and improve blood circulation.

Fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract and metabolism and prevents the accumulation of "bad" cholesterol.

Antioxidants, carotenoids, which give their fruits a bright color. They additionally strengthen the immune system, maintain visual acuity and the condition of the skin. There are many of them both in the pulp of the fruit and in the skin. Yes, yes, and do not forget about the peel, because it is so nice to put it in tea.

The substance naringin, which is just found in orange and grapefruit peels. Naringin helps to reduce appetite, has an antioxidant effect, strengthens capillaries, and improves brain function. But the main thing is the anticarcinogenic activity of naringin. Combination therapy, where modern anticancer agents are "fortified" with naringin, is much more successful than monotherapy.

There are a lot of essential oils in citrus peels - such aromatherapy will help you relax, overcome depression and insomnia, and also "sniff" pleasant smells again after suffering a coronavirus infection.The indoles of citrus essential oils are derived from amino acids, including tryptophan, a precursor to the happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin. We put the crusts in a cup of tea, seize them with coffee and sniff a small glass of brandy. And winter will be a joy.

Interesting help

Food coloring E121-Citrus Red 2 is a carcinogen and is banned in many countries. However, oranges still tint the peel with E121 to give it an attractive, rich color. Residents of Russia can safely buy Turkish fruits, guaranteed without dyes, environmentally friendly. The crusts can be chewed, dried, placed in drinks and baked goods. There is definitely no such dye.

Interesting help

In 1747, the naval doctor D. Lindh fought the scourge of sailors - scurvy. Their gums were bleeding, old wounds opened, and an overwhelming weakness rolled over them. The doctor divided the sailors into six groups and offered them different foods. Those sailors who ate lemons and oranges quickly recovered. And the rest - alas. Today we know that scurvy is a disease that occurs when vitamin C is deficient. To fight the viruses of vitamin C, you need to get 90 mg of it every day.

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