Second Pregnancy And Childbirth: What Is The Difference From The First Childbirth

Second Pregnancy And Childbirth: What Is The Difference From The First Childbirth
Second Pregnancy And Childbirth: What Is The Difference From The First Childbirth

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The second pregnancy and second childbirth are no longer such a serious ordeal for a woman as the birth of their first child. Many sensations are repeated while waiting for a crumb. Toxicosis, mood swings no longer cause fear. And the closer the meeting with the baby, the stronger the pleasant anticipation, in contrast to the anxious expectation during childbirth for the first time. However, in life, something rarely develops perfectly. 2 pregnancy with a second child and childbirth can be both easier and more difficult than a first pregnancy. In any case, you need to prepare for childbirth both physically and psychologically.

When does the second birth begin

The opinion is often voiced that the second birth occurs earlier than the first. The reason is that the cervix is ​​no longer held as tightly as during the first birth. But still, the number of previous pregnancies does not so much affect the period of bearing the baby.

Childbirth at 2 pregnancies can occur after 40 weeks, and even with possible stimulation. Therefore, you do not need to program yourself to have a baby a month ahead of schedule.

How long does the second labor last?

But on this issue, doctors are unanimous: repeated births last less than the first, and they are not so difficult for a woman. If we take the average indicators, the first birth usually takes up to 12 hours, and the second - only 7-8 hours.

The fact is that the cervix during the second and subsequent births is easier to stretch. This means that the disclosure will happen earlier. And the period of attempts is also more intense: after all, the uterus "remembers" the birth of the first child, which means that the phase of the expulsion of the fetus will come sooner. An earlier sensation of the child's movements is associated with the same phenomenon, the memory of the body (and of the mother herself). In the second pregnancy, the first fetal movements are often noted at 16-17 weeks, 2 weeks earlier than during the first.

With repeated childbirth, a woman already has enough knowledge about this difficult process. Moreover, this knowledge is not only obtained in theory, but also worked out in practice. She knows how to breathe, how to push properly. As a result, it is easier for her to "push" the child out in a few minutes.

However, there are also special points. For example, if during the first pregnancy the childbirth was operative, then the second pregnancy and the second childbirth require special attention after a cesarean section.

In addition, Russian scientists point out that during the second pregnancy and childbirth, women with myopia and retinal pathologies increase the risk of reduced vision. This means that they need special attention to the condition of the eyes and, possibly, a revision of the tactics of second births, if the first were natural.

The perfect gap between childbirth

Any childbirth is a serious test for the female body. After childbirth, a period of adaptation with the restoration of health is required. Now it is extremely rare that women, like our grandmothers, give birth to a child every year.

According to experts from the World Health Organization, the full recovery of the female body occurs within at least 1.5 years, it is better to wait two years. After that, you can think about planning a second baby. But if there is an interval of more than 10 years between the first and second births, complications become more likely.

A woman is better prepared psychologically for the second birth. She is calmer and more confident in the process of giving birth to a baby. And the changes that will happen to her when a crumbs appear are more easily perceived by her.

Believe in yourself, and your second birth will be successful!


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