Five Principles Most Successful People Adhere To

Five Principles Most Successful People Adhere To
Five Principles Most Successful People Adhere To

Video: Five Principles Most Successful People Adhere To

Video: Five Principles Most Successful People Adhere To
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Never neglect your morning routine


Many well-known entrepreneurs and investors have their own morning routine: a sequence of actions that they repeat from day to day. Warren Buffett gets up at 6:45 am and then reads the latest newspapers. Elon Musk gets up at 7 o'clock, takes a shower and, as a rule, does not have breakfast.

Everyone determines the duration of the morning routine for himself: it can be 15 minutes or a couple of hours. No matter what happens, the schedule cannot be canceled or disrupted.

This is how we learn to control our workload and not let sudden things get in the way of our plans. Plus, having your morning routine helps you recharge your batteries for the rest of the day.

First act, then analyze

Most people are constantly putting off important things. Successful people strive to implement a project as quickly as possible, and then evaluate the result. They do not waste time on theory, but test the idea in practice and analyze what to fix next time.

Even the most ingenious thoughts are useless if no one ever knows about them.

It is worth concentrating on the real world, not the imaginary one. Then you will receive concrete results and feedback that will help you become better.

Always make time for sports

Warren Buffett is said to drink five cans of soda every day and eat McDonald's for breakfast. But he always makes time for physical activity in his busy schedule.

Elon Musk works 100 hours a week, but regularly goes in for sports.

Make a to-do list for the week and think about what time you could exercise. This is one of the ingredients for success for people of any profession.

Wake up every day at the same time

If you get up at the same time every day, then you are in control of your day and control of the load. If you have scheduled a meeting at 10 o'clock in the morning, but woke up at 10.15 - miss not only the meeting, but also shift the entire schedule by a day.

It is enough to develop a habit, and then in the evening you will not have problems with sleeping, and in the morning - with getting up without an alarm clock.

Always follow the plan for the day

Successful people stick to the plan they make for the day - even if they don't want to work on a task. To achieve results, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes this requires doing an uninteresting or unpleasant task.

To follow this rule, you can use a calendar to record all tasks. For example, Bill Gates schedules his daily tasks at 15 minute intervals, while Musk schedules his daily tasks at 5 minute intervals.

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