The Doctor Dispelled The Myths About Nylon Tights

The Doctor Dispelled The Myths About Nylon Tights
The Doctor Dispelled The Myths About Nylon Tights

Video: The Doctor Dispelled The Myths About Nylon Tights

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MOSCOW, 8 Feb - RIA Novosti. Can nylon tights harm the body and do they really warm in cold weather? Amiran Demurov, a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics, phlebologist of the Center of Phlebology clinic, told Sputnik radio.

There are many myths around nylon tights. For example, they say that if you wear them for more than four hours a day, you can get circulatory problems due to the fact that they severely constrict the blood vessels of the legs. However, this is not the case, explained Amiran Demurov.

Regular tights, even if they have a tightening, supportive and modeling effect, cannot transmit large veins or arteries. Moreover, with the help of nylon tights, you can improve blood circulation. This requires special compression products, said the phlebologist.

"If we are talking about high-quality compression hosiery, namely medical, which is prescribed for problems with veins, there is a distributed pressure profile, it does not squeeze anything anywhere, on the contrary, it improves venous outflow, that is, it promotes better blood circulation, less fatigue, and goes prevention of varicose veins, "said Amiran Demurov.

The doctor also denied the assertion that it is pointless to wear nylon tights in cold weather. It turns out that even nylon fishnet stockings keep you warm.

"A layer of air is formed under them, which adheres motionlessly to the skin, and the air is a good heat insulator, it warms up from the skin and further protects the skin from cooling. That is, there is some kind of warming effect, but in very cold weather it is better to wear thermal underwear, and not tights ", - Amiran Demurov advised

It is possible to talk about the dangers of tights only in one case, if the one who wears them is allergic to nylon, the doctor concluded in an interview with Sputnik radio.

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