Is It Possible To Hide The Smell Of Fumes

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Is It Possible To Hide The Smell Of Fumes
Is It Possible To Hide The Smell Of Fumes

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It is better to spend a hangover day after a stormy holiday at home, but what if you still need to go somewhere, communicate with someone and make a good impression, and the heavy smell of fumes gives you away? Rambler has found out if it is possible to hide the smell of fumes.

What's happening

The characteristic smell indicates that the body has begun to intensively fight the consequences of alcohol intoxication and remove decay products, in particular acetic acid. Metabolites are excreted through the lungs, along with exhaled air, and through the pores of the skin along with sweat. This means that neither activated carbon nor other enterosorbents will help remove alcohol residues from the body, because they work only in the gastrointestinal tract, but not in the blood.

What remains

If the smell cannot be eliminated, it can be masked. You can chew on coffee beans, dried cloves, or bay leaves. The essential oils contained in these products will help to hide unpleasant odors for 20-30 minutes.

It is also worth taking a shower or bath to wash the sweat off your skin. Keep in mind that sweat glands are found all over the skin, not just under the armpits.

Do not wear yesterday's clothes, it is better to change into fresh ones.

If you feel comfortable, you can do some exercise to speed up the elimination of toxins.

It is advisable to drink more water to cope with dehydration.

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