Popular Diets That Are Life-threatening

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Popular Diets That Are Life-threatening
Popular Diets That Are Life-threatening

Video: Popular Diets That Are Life-threatening

Video: Popular Diets That Are Life-threatening
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We deplete our body in favor of a beautiful figure. Is it correct? Rambler will tell you about diets that will harm your health.

Mono diet

A mono-diet is understood as this type of diet, when for a certain period (usually a week or more) it is necessary to eat only one type of product, excluding everything else except water. This eating style robs your body of the nutrients for body building and cell renewal.

Drinking diet

It is important to remember that during the chewing process, saliva is released and the work of digestion starts. Yes, our body cannot normally perceive food in liquid form. All this can lead to metabolic disorders and mucosal atrophy, which will lead to digestive problems.

Sweet diet

This type of diet is for those who cannot live without sweets. The bottom line is that you need to consume only 100 g of sweets or chocolate per day, and the whole thing is washed down with black coffee without sugar. For a while, sweets will discourage hunger from you. An empty stomach and fluctuating blood glucose can cause headaches, heartburn, fatigue, and indigestion.

Protein or protein diets

These diets sharply limit the intake of carbohydrates, including vegetables and fruits. The emphasis is on meat and fish products. With such a diet, weight will go away with health. Excess protein puts pressure on the kidneys, which leads to the appearance of stones in them.

Diet with hormones

There is no confirmed data on the effectiveness and safety of this diet. But side effects are known - activation of tissue growth, stimulation of the ovaries and the appearance of tumors. Therefore, we advise you to think before following this diet. Beauty is not worth the sacrifice.