Products That Will Revitalize You After The Holidays

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Products That Will Revitalize You After The Holidays
Products That Will Revitalize You After The Holidays

Video: Products That Will Revitalize You After The Holidays

Video: Products That Will Revitalize You After The Holidays
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yes endless parties, corporate events, New Year's celebrations and Christmas gatherings behind. After such noble feats of nutrition, the body begs the hostess for a helping hand holding useful detox products that reduce the burden on the kidneys, liver and generally heal.



And citrus fruits containing vitamin C are more relevant than ever. They increase the defenses of our body, make the face rested and fresh, strengthen the immune system. Grapefruit kicks off the fat burning process, helping you burn your holiday gains, so they can be eaten overnight. Oranges and tangerines cleanse the blood, tone us up, giving energy and vitality for new exploits, improve metabolism and are indicated for vitamin deficiency.

Lettuce leaf

ny salad is the best healer for the intestines and a formidable enemy of cholesterol, it normalizes metabolic processes and mineral balance, stabilizes the state of many organs. Thanks to a variety of antioxidants and vitamins, it supports the immune system, normalizing excess cholesterol in the blood.


Atoms are a great stimulant for your precious but slightly fatigued body. They increase the level of hemoglobin, increase immunity, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and the nervous system, increase intelligence and hematopoiesis, drive out depression.


endowed with antioxidants, it fights free radicals, stress and bad ecology. In conspiracy with fiber, it cleanses the intestines from toxins, and improves digestion.


we survive from the body "bad" cholesterol, help the heart, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, cheer up those with a sweet tooth and do not give stress any chance.


a hundred, like a broom, will cleanse the body of toxins. She's also a piggy bank full of vitamin C.


if it removes salts of heavy metals from the body that has eaten up during the holidays, besides, it is rich in glands and is extremely necessary for those who suffer from anemia.

A pineapple

ac, and in particular the bromelain it contains, stimulates digestion and removes excess fluid, helping us lose weight at the speed of marathon runners, at the same time rejuvenating the body and improving mood.


those to raise the general tone? Eat celery. At the same time, remove toxins and calm your nerves. If you suffer from edema, a couple of such smoothies will remove excess water from the body and empty the intestines. The miraculous stems cleanse the blood, relieving stress on the liver and improving its function.


Kiwi is considered to be the champion of vitamin C content among all other gifts of nature. It activates the immune system, enhances protective functions and increases stress resistance.