6 Ways To Quickly Recover From The Holidays

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6 Ways To Quickly Recover From The Holidays
6 Ways To Quickly Recover From The Holidays

Video: 6 Ways To Quickly Recover From The Holidays

Video: 6 Ways To Quickly Recover From The Holidays
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After the New Year holidays, it is not easy to come to your senses. Use our life hacks, and you can quickly and, most importantly, painlessly return to your normal life.


we show you what to do with the downed regime, the state of the snail and the festive "gluttony".

Go to bed early

what did you think we would start reinventing the wheel? Of course, we will give a couple of non-trivial life hacks, but such an old proven method of post-holiday "rehabilitation" as a high-quality adequate sleep is the first on the list! Usually "on vacation" even the most disciplined person has a breakdown, so a lack of sleep will easily appear among the new habits. And this, as you know, will instantly affect your mood, the quality of your skin, and so on. Therefore - no late gatherings, visits and extra work.

Exercise in the morning

ovo, huh? But how effective! The main thing is to stretch and warm up in the morning, disperse the blood and start metabolic processes. Therefore, a mini-warm-up, jumping rope, a short dance for pleasure is quite suitable.

Don't step on the scale

would be the first days of the week after the holidays. Shock therapy, of course, is a rather effective method, but why kill an already "injured" organism? A depressing feeling of guilt and a complex on the basis of a figure will definitely not help you now. Get back into shape in stages, without any tears, and therefore, at least, do not ignore points 1 and 2. And remember - regularity is important! So, you look, and get involved in the process.

Skip late dinners

It's quite frank to say - in general, be more restrained with food. Seriously, hang up with these unhealthy snacks, snacks, nibbles, and once it's not scary excuses. This does not mean that you need to cancel a homemade dinner for your loved one, who often comes home late. Prepare what you want and let him taste - while you drink herbal tea or a mug of warm milk. And no sweets!

Dress up

and festive activity is replaced by a banal routine, the mood disappears somewhere. At such moments, I especially want care and attention - so cheer yourself up morally! Get a beautiful hairstyle, put on something of your favorite clothes (stylish pajamas will also work), a light make-up, a drop of perfume - you yourself will not notice how you start to smile.

Gossip with a friend

Of course, you shouldn't wash the bones of your friends. But discussing the latest news, commenting on someone's stupid post on social networks, asking about doctors and a kindergarten, whining a little about your fatigue and getting a couple of encouraging support phrases - just what you need! Of course, your friend will expect a similar reaction in response: she reads us too.