How To Lose Weight Quickly After The Holidays: 5 Tricks

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How To Lose Weight Quickly After The Holidays: 5 Tricks
How To Lose Weight Quickly After The Holidays: 5 Tricks

Video: How To Lose Weight Quickly After The Holidays: 5 Tricks

Video: How To Lose Weight Quickly After The Holidays: 5 Tricks
Video: Weight Loss Tips: 5 Ways To Lose Weight Gained During Holidays | Pulse TV 2023, November

Got a couple of extra pounds after New Year's feasts? Don't worry - this is completely normal, because few people can resist and not overeat during the holidays. We will help you get back in shape faster!

Adjust your diet


Overeating and eating without a schedule after the holidays is definitely worth forgetting. Eat often, but slowly and gradually move to healthy and vitamin-rich foods. Your breakfast might include oatmeal with milk or cottage cheese and a banana. Tea or cocoa are the best options to start the day. For lunch, cook baked vegetables with rice, a fresh vegetable salad or your favorite puree soup, and for dinner, steamed salmon. Such diet food will help you recover quickly and feel lightness throughout the body.

Drink more water

And this should be done not only after the holidays. You should drink one and a half to two liters per day. Contrary to myths, water does not fill, but, on the contrary, helps to keep the body in good shape. Alcohol, coffee, sugary sodas dehydrate the body, so give them up after the holidays.

Green tea is very useful. It contains many beneficial antioxidants and helps the body to recover, get rid of all excess and tone up.

Arrange fasting days

If you have not tried to arrange fasting days, then the post-holiday period is the right time. In a few days, you can lose three to four kilograms by giving your intestines a little rest.

Do not starve on fasting days - just give up your usual diet, and instead spend a couple of days on dried fruits, vegetables, juices, kefir or sour cream. On the Internet, you will find many recipes for fasting days and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Start a detox program

o not so much dieting as properly and in a timely manner to cleanse the intestines. This is what detox is all about. It relieves the body of toxins, toxins and allows you to quickly get in shape after overeating. Detox programs are usually designed for 3-5 days. There are juice and vegetable detox, vegan and water detox, and a number of others. Choose the one that will not cause you discomfort, but, on the contrary, will allow you to feel lightness and a pleasant feeling of cleansing the body.

Try the Express Diet

This is perhaps the toughest weight loss option. After all, the principle of such a diet is based on the fact that the number of calories in your diet is sharply reduced. You will have to eat half as much as usual, so prepare yourself to be hungry. But after such a regime, you can lose up to five kilograms and fit into your favorite jeans. Just remember that this way you lose weight mainly due to the loss of water, and not fat mass, therefore, if you do not eat right and do not exercise, you can very quickly gain pounds back.

You cannot sit on the express diet for a long time: it is quite harmful to the body, so use it no more than two or three times a year. And, most importantly, when starting an express diet, it is better to consult with your doctor and find out if your body is ready for it.

Exercise and take a contrast shower

Sports in the fight against extra pounds has not yet been canceled, and, perhaps, this is the most beneficial way to lose weight for the body, along with a proper balanced diet. Go to the gym or exercise at home on the rug - the choice is yours. The main thing is not to sit still and keep the body in good shape.

By the way, after each exercise, it is very useful to take a contrast shower. After all, it strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and helps to lose weight.