Alisa Ledovskaya: You Should Always Start Taking Care Of Yourself With Posture

Alisa Ledovskaya: You Should Always Start Taking Care Of Yourself With Posture
Alisa Ledovskaya: You Should Always Start Taking Care Of Yourself With Posture

Video: Alisa Ledovskaya: You Should Always Start Taking Care Of Yourself With Posture

Video: Alisa Ledovskaya: You Should Always Start Taking Care Of Yourself With Posture
Video: Improve your posture in JUST 1 MINUTE! 2023, December

- Since when have you been involved in sports and how has it influenced your life?

- At the age of five and a half, my mother took me to gymnastics. In general, initially we went to the artistic one, but since the parents did not understand anything about this, we got to the sports one and found out about it when I had already been there for several months. Then there were classes at the Vyacheslav Zaitsev model school, where they advised me to enter a choreographic school. I didn't like ballet, but I agreed to go, because I wanted to do something serious and professional.

This is how my dancing life began. It is difficult to assess whether sports and ballet have influenced my life, because I cannot imagine what my life could be without all this. Undoubtedly, ballet and sports gave me a very interesting (albeit difficult) childhood and adolescence, and also gave me the opportunity to work and develop.

- Tell us about your work experience in the ballet "Todes"? How did you get into the famous troupe and why did you leave your ballerina career?

- I got into the ballet for Alla Vladimirovna "Todes" as a result of casting. I worked at that moment at the Glinka Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in Chelyabinsk, as a ballet soloist. The texture of a classical ballerina is not very good for me, so parts of my dreams, such as Odette in "Swan Lake", did not really shine for me, and what shone, at the age of 19, I danced almost everything!

In general, I wanted something more, to develop in dance and achieve success. Arriving home on vacation, I found out that there would be a casting for a job in the ballet "Todes". I decided to go, I was late for him, and in general I somehow did not think that they would take it. I thought so, well, I'll go and take a look. When I was late, I went to the receptionist. She talked to Alla Vladimirovna and I was allowed to dance. In short, when they announced that they had taken me, I was shocked! And I left my career on stage due to a back injury.

- You wrote that not everyone in your environment supports your blogging work. How did you start blogging and what does it mean for you to help others find the shape of their dreams?

- Oh, yes. My dad considers being a blogger a shameful occupation. We often have misunderstandings and quarrels with him, he thinks that I disgrace him, in general, it's hard to explain to him that this is a job, a difficult, serious and very interesting job! For some reason, he interferes with all bloggers in one, calls them clowns.

I started blogging on the recommendation of my spouse, when my dance studio closed, I was sitting at home and didn't know what to do, but I definitely didn't want to start all over again with the dance studio! Well, somehow my husband advised me that I can work through a blog, that people will be very interested and that I can give a lot to subscribers through my blog. Yes, to this day he often kicks me not to stop, in general, he is great for me.

My main goal when I give exercises is so that all women on earth can exercise their bodies. Now there are a lot of all kinds of activities, but many (especially in remote places in our country, and not only ours) do not have the financial ability. Therefore, I am posting exercises to give this opportunity! Well, so that people have access to professional and safe exercises!

- You show subscribers simple exercises that anyone can do at home. Do you invent new complexes yourself?

- I invent most of the complexes myself, but all the exercises are based on classical dance, on the teaching methodology of choreographic schools. It's just that all the exercises were taken from there and reworked not to develop ballet data, but to "make your own body."

- Proper nutrition plays an important role for beauty and health. What diet do you follow, and what advice to others in terms of diet selection?

- The great Maya Plisetskaya once in an interview gave advice on how to lose weight, saying one simple thing "Do not eat". This is probably the most effective way to lose weight! This, of course, cannot be advised to ordinary people, but the grain of truth is suitable for them, you need to exclude everything that makes you get fat! And I do not accept all newfangled diets and diets, for me all this is nonsense and marketing. In fact, if you exclude fatty, fried, flour, yeast and the like, do not eat two hours before bedtime, and leave the table a little hungry - this will be enough to lose weight! And of course - train. I myself do not go on diets, I do the machine and pump up, and when I need to lose weight, I use the advice of Maya Plisetskaya!

- You give a special place to work on posture, and as everyone knows, it is the ballerinas who stand out among other women with a truly royal posture. How important is a straight back and how do you achieve it?

- Yes, that's right. I always start a conversation with the importance of posture. First of all, you should always start with your posture! Posture affects both health and youthfulness of the skin, and the slimness of the body (if you stand up correctly, then the same belly will go away in half at once). Posture also affects gait, self-confidence, and therefore our life, because our life is very closely related to our sense of self.

And to achieve the correct posture can only be exercised. You need to study the theory of setting the body, apply it, make it so that it becomes a natural habit to properly hold your body. Well, do exercises for the back. Here you just need to understand that there is a warm-up for the spine, and there are native exercise complexes, you need to do a warm-up every day, and you need to do full complexes every other day. Do not load the spine like that every day! And yes, the main thing is to find people who will give the correct exercises, otherwise you can work out and become disabled. They give a lot of things that ordinary people absolutely cannot do. In general, this topic is very large and enough for a thick book!

- A slender figure is often associated with good physical shape, but the absence of excess weight is not always equal to a healthy body. What advice would you give to those for whom health is more important than beauty, and who wants to be in great shape, and not just look good?

- I would advise you to practice your posture, the back affects the health of many organs! Perform morning exercises, eliminate harmful foods from the diet, and lead an active lifestyle.

- You are fond of not only fitness, but also airplanes. Tell us about your flight experience and what was the most difficult for you in conquering the sky?

- I am far from the conqueror of the sky. But I really love to fly. For me, the best gift for any occasion is a flight, you can even fly back and forth without going to the city. And I myself just somehow met at the airfield with a retired pilot who had his own plane. So I went to fly to the airfield until the instructor sold my private plane. Well, it was a small light-engine airplane, of course, you can't actually fly at the helm on a Boeing, but it's good that now everyone has access to simulators for money, that's where my favorite places are!

Photo: Alisa Ledovskaya