In The Vladimir Region Is Being Vaccinated Against Covid

In The Vladimir Region Is Being Vaccinated Against Covid
In The Vladimir Region Is Being Vaccinated Against Covid

Video: In The Vladimir Region Is Being Vaccinated Against Covid

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In the Vladimir region, vaccination against covid continues. As the director of the health department Elena Utemova said at a briefing on the current epidemiological situation, by the end of the month the province should receive about 28 thousand more doses of the two-component vaccine Sputnik V: 12,400 - until February 15, and 16,500 - until February 28.

The vaccine, which we received in January, has already been used up by 73%. As Utemova said, "some medical institutions have taken the lead, and they already have a supply of vaccine in order not to stop vaccination for a single day."

Currently, a little more than 23 thousand people have already been vaccinated against coronavirus infection in the region, which is about 17% of the population of the Vladimir region, including the elderly and infants.

In the regional center, vaccination against covid is organized in seven medical institutions. Citizens can communicate their desire to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by calling the medical facilities at their place of residence. Each enrollment will then be called and invited on a specific day for vaccination. Vaccination takes place in groups, because one bottle of vaccine has five doses. Therefore, doctors recommend vaccinating with families or with a close circle of friends.

Contact phone numbers of medical institutions in Vladimir for those wishing to be vaccinated:

GBUZ VO GP 1, Vladimir - 77-30-83, 54-71-81, GBUZ VO GKB 5, Vladimir - 77-34-90, GBUZ VO GP 4, Vladimir - 77-32-01, GBUZ VO GP 2, Vladimir - 77-31-53, GBUZ VO GB 2, Vladimir - 53-57-84, GBUZ VO GB 7, Vladimir - 45-61-36, Departmental hospital at Vladimir station (railway hospital of Russian Railways) - 54-32-13 (registry).

Also, residents of Vladimir can sign up for vaccination through the portal of state services.

Many, according to the head of the regional health department, have already drawn conclusions about the side effects of the vaccine by the reaction of their relatives and friends. They pose no danger to healthy people.

Nevertheless, vaccination is contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 18 years of age, citizens with chronic diseases in the acute stage, severe allergies. Also, at least a month should pass from the moment of the last vaccination against other diseases, at least 6 months from the moment of Covid-19 disease, and at least a month from the moment of ARVI disease.

TV-MIG asked the head of the health department if it was necessary to undergo some kind of examination in order to get the vaccine and not get health complications after it.

Utemova said that special examinations are not needed: “If a person has not been sick in the last two weeks and has not been in contact with patients with coronavirus infection, then you can get vaccinated. If you have any questions, or a person has concomitant chronic diseases, then it makes sense to contact your therapist. If he deems it necessary, he will appoint additional examinations and, on their basis, will make a decision whether it is necessary and whether it is possible to vaccinate a particular person!

In Vladimir, on February 10, 6,290 people received the vaccine. Of these, almost 450 residents have already been vaccinated with both components.

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