Star Nutritionist Assessed The Likelihood Of Losing Weight Lolita Naturally

Star Nutritionist Assessed The Likelihood Of Losing Weight Lolita Naturally
Star Nutritionist Assessed The Likelihood Of Losing Weight Lolita Naturally

Video: Star Nutritionist Assessed The Likelihood Of Losing Weight Lolita Naturally

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In April last year, Lolita Milyavskaya officially divorced her husband. Parting with her husband provoked dramatic changes in the appearance of the star. Back in November last year, the artist said that she had lost 17 kilograms - an amazing result. Indeed, with age, excess weight goes away much more difficult.


“Lolita was suspected of bariatric surgery, which, according to rumors in the expert community, was performed by our star Prima Donna. But Milyavskaya denies surgery. In principle, this is easy to check by looking at the endoscope for scars on her abdomen, since the procedure is done laparoscopically. But Lolita said that she had lost weight with the help of an endocrinologist,”says Mariyat Mukhina.

And it really is possible. Medicine does not stand still - completely new methods of losing excess weight appear.

“In the last 2-3 years, this is possible due to the fact that new peptides have appeared. Some peptides are injected once a week, while others are injected every day. But we must warn that this is done strictly under the supervision of a doctor, because such injections have a complication - pancreatitis,”says the speaker.

In addition, self-medication with peptides can trigger hypoglycemic status.

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There are various endocrinological regimens in which a person loses weight. But these techniques have many side effects. And this must be remembered. A suitable scheme can only be prescribed by a doctor, after passing a series of tests.

“There are methods that involve taking a lipase blocking substance. That is, fats in the body are not broken down or absorbed, but are immediately excreted from the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Lipase blockers are fraught with the fact that they do not absorb fat-soluble vitamins. For example, vitamin D3, which is so necessary for immunity during the period of coronavirus infection. Vitamins A, E will not be absorbed,”the doctor states.

But the worst thing is that self-medication with the use of special drugs can provoke a fatal outcome. And such cases have already happened.

“Recently, a young writer died of hunger. Because of self-medication, she was on dry fasting. In this version, you really do not want to drink, and people have blood thickening, blood clots come off. This is endocrinological therapy, which is done under the strict supervision of a doctor,”the speaker summed up.

Lolita did not lose weight with a wave of a magic wand. The performer underwent serious therapy, which was prescribed and followed by the artist under the supervision of an endocrinologist. You should always remember that the body of each person is unique and unpredictable consequences can occur during self-medication.

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