"First Of All, He Asked: How Is My Cat?" Romantsev Suffered A Heart Attack: Coach's Granddaughter Alina Told The Details

"First Of All, He Asked: How Is My Cat?" Romantsev Suffered A Heart Attack: Coach's Granddaughter Alina Told The Details
"First Of All, He Asked: How Is My Cat?" Romantsev Suffered A Heart Attack: Coach's Granddaughter Alina Told The Details

Video: "First Of All, He Asked: How Is My Cat?" Romantsev Suffered A Heart Attack: Coach's Granddaughter Alina Told The Details

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Former head coach of Moscow "Spartak" and the Russian national football team Oleg Romantsev was hospitalized on Monday with a heart attack. Sport24 contacted the granddaughter of the football legend Alina, and she told how it was.

- It all started yesterday at 6-7 in the morning, - says Alina. - The grandfather developed sharp pains in the chest area. He usually gets up early. This time he made himself breakfast, but could not eat. Lay down. Then he said that everything seemed to be fine, the pain was relieved. I told him that this is at least not normal. We called Vasilkov (a long-term doctor of Spartak - Sport24). He said, "You don't joke with things like that." Then symptoms such as cold sweat, slight shortness of breath appeared. There were already no options. It is clear that an ambulance is needed. I called, the guys arrived pretty quickly, in 10-15 minutes. We measured the pressure. Everything was normal with him. Then they made a cardiogram. As soon as the first sheet was opened, the paramedic immediately said: "You have a heart attack."

- Did your grandfather complain about his health before? - No, everything was in order. It all happened rather abruptly. Very unexpected. It is clear that due to age, some things could have happened, but the diagnosis of "heart attack" was a surprise to everyone.

- How has he been lately: cheerful or tired? A week ago, he went to the tournament with veterans. “I didn’t notice any problems. He was ordinary, cheerful enough.

- When you hear the word "heart attack", you probably feel uncomfortable at once? - The first thing that I felt was shock and misunderstanding. The second thought is that this cannot be. I look at him and say that this cannot be. The doctors immediately gave him aspirin to thin his blood and not have blood clots, and injected morphine to relieve pain. He was brave and said: “I don't have such severe pains, everything is fine. Now I'll get dressed myself and go, I'm all right. " Later, in the evening, it flew into me for telling everything to Natasha (Romantsev's wife - Sport24). She is now in another city. But she would have known anyway. How not to say, we call each other every evening.

- People of the older generation are usually shy about the ambulance, they do not want to strain anyone. - It's not that he was afraid to strain people. Although, maybe this too. But the main thing is that he was brave, they say, everything is in order. In principle, he always had this. But now he, probably, himself understood that this was something serious: chest pain, shortness of breath. Things you don't joke with. It's good that in the end they called an ambulance. Here many thanks to Vasilkov: we described the general symptoms to him, and he said that it is better to play it safe and call.

“And you typed right away?” “No, my grandfather then said that so far everything is in order. But an hour passed after the call - and the pain did not go away, and the weakness did not disappear. Then I already called the ambulance.

- Was the operation yesterday? - Yes, yesterday. I don’t know the details. And yesterday I was trying to go with them, but I was immediately told that there were no options. Visits are not allowed yet. Now we are thinking how to convey things in an elementary way. I, of course, packed the essentials, but I still have something to bring.

- What is the state of health now? - Everything seems to be fine. I called him last night, my voice was normal. And this morning, at 11 o'clock, we called up, said - everything is in order. That the doctor visits him five times, everything is monitored. By the way, when he called this morning, the first thing he asked was: "How is my cat?"

“Wow.” I liked that his voice was quite cheerful. At least until tomorrow he is in intensive care, then he must be transferred to a regular ward. Just in case, they have been kept under observation for now.

- Do you know how long he will be in the hospital? - I think at least a week. But the exact forecasts have not yet been given to us.

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