Is It True That Real Madrid Players Get Injured Because They Train Wrong? We Figured It Out

Is It True That Real Madrid Players Get Injured Because They Train Wrong? We Figured It Out
Is It True That Real Madrid Players Get Injured Because They Train Wrong? We Figured It Out

Video: Is It True That Real Madrid Players Get Injured Because They Train Wrong? We Figured It Out

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The fitness coach of Madrid even monitors the temperature of the drinking water and made France the world champion.


Hazard, Carvajal, Ramos, Marcelo, Valverde, Odriosola - these Real Madrid players are not playing right now due to muscle injuries, and fans continue to swear on social networks that the players are being loaded incorrectly, so they break down.

Do not be alarmed, in Spain it is always like this: they take out white scarves at the stadiums, shout and grumble, blow up in the comments.

So much so that the thread with Real Madrid players' gym classes, published in early February, garnered 1.3 million views and almost five thousand retweets. Despite the fact that these personnel are more than two years old. But look at you too!

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Have you looked? It might seem strange to you how football players load their legs, pushing, and not smoothly lowering the platform with weight. “This is the technique I’ve seen for the first time,” commented the former head of the Spartak medical department Mikhail Vartapetov. Surely you are used to the exercise "Leg press in the simulator" usually looks like this: the athlete holds his feet firmly on the platform and pushes it, while not springing or jumping. As in this

So the fans of “Real” did not understand this technique and swore in the comments: “Now it is clear where we got so many injuries from”. On business? Are Real Madrid coaches giving the players the wrong drills and ruining the footballers' legs?

Is it bad for your knees? Why do they work in fits and starts?

“In general, [the machine leg press] is a fairly routine exercise for the muscles of the front and back of the thigh, it is successfully used in many teams, and it is a good alternative to squats with a barbell,” explains Mikhail Vartapetov. - When performing the exercise [like the Real Madrid players], experts recommend rolling from toe to heel, but the complete separation of the foot from the platform is somewhat surprising.

- How do you explain this? - In the slope and on the simulator, the impact on the cartilage of the condyles (ball-shaped ends of the bones) of the thigh and lower leg is not as dangerous as with a vertical load, when you squat with a barbell. In addition, it is important what weight was set on the simulator. I have no doubt that in Real Madrid he is selected individually.

Practicing sports massage therapist Yevgeny Bondarev works with Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Elena Shalamova and says that the method of explosive jumping, like in Real Madrid in training, is called polymetrics, it is often used by runners.

“If you train with extra weight and then run under your own weight, the foot carries the athlete easier,” Bondarev believes. - In this exercise, all muscle groups are involved, the legs are actively working, and the body stabilizes the staggering.

- Not bad for your knees? - Yes, the shock load is applied to all joints, but professional football players have muscles in good condition and compensate for the load. For athletes, this exercise with moderate weight is safe. Moreover, please note that they do not fully straighten the knees, which reduces the compression on the joint."

“The training format and muscle contraction modes have been adjusted for the specifics of sports, that is, football. Therefore, the players work with light weight, in partial amplitude, with a fast and ragged pace. - words of the personal fitness trainer Anatoly Natarov.- In team sports, the strength specificity is different, there is no need for the full amplitude of muscle contraction and its hypertrophy. It is necessary to develop speed-power qualities, which are performed in half-amplitude: a sharp start from a standstill (acceleration), a jump when heading, maneuvers with the ball and dribbling."

And generally speaking. Don't worry about Real Madrid's fitness - the science-crazed Frenchman is in charge

A friend of Zidane and Deschamps named Gregory Dupont came to Madrid last summer - after working for the French national team and winning the World Cup in Russia. He was also responsible for physical training at Celtic and the championship Lille, where he developed Eden Azar (as you understand, they are together again).

Dupont's nickname is Scientist. The team calls him McGregor.

First, look at his stern, professorial face.

Secondly, DuPont is obsessed with numbers, at the same time works for the sports university of Liverpool and is a member of the UEFA Injury Prevention Commission. One of his theses - in recent years, the risk of injury has increased sixfold. The reason is that due to commercial benefits, matches are played so often that sometimes players don't even have 72 hours to recover. “DuPont is the best at developing training programs and nutrition, in general in everything from injury prevention to building muscle,” - a compliment from Guy Stéphane, assistant to Deschamps in the French national team.

Dupont = meticulousness and quality.

Before the 2018 World Cup, I handed each player of the French national team 14 pages with nutritional recommendations: what food categories are divided into, what and when to eat. I carefully chose hotel rooms for the players so that they were comfortable and they slept for at least 10 hours.

And he also monitored the temperature of drinking water for football players - yes, it differed depending on the weather. When it is warmer outside (or rather at the stadium) 19 degrees, the temperature of drinking water = 5 degrees. When it's cold = 12 degrees.

DuPont lives on a strict schedule: he gets up at 5:30 in the morning, rides 40 kilometers by bike every day.

During the quarantine, he made personal training plans for Real Madrid players - they received them on their smartphones. “I feel better than before quarantine,” Ramos said after working on the Dupont program. “We did everything that the coaches sent us and kept in shape - you can see it on the field.”

We saw it. Real Madrid won the championship.

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