The Strangest Ways To Lose Weight

The Strangest Ways To Lose Weight
The Strangest Ways To Lose Weight

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There are many absurd and wild ways to lose weight. Many of them are unsafe to health.


Worms: a sacrifice for art

The famous opera diva Maria Callas once conducted a cruel experiment with her body, but she never regretted it. Because of her love for sweets, the beautiful Greek woman became very fat. At the age of 19, she weighed 80 kg and continued to gain weight. She was compared to a "huge, shapeless soul" swollen with fat.

But one day everything changed. Director Luchino Visconti threatened Maria with shameful expulsion from La Scala if she did not get in shape. Callas would not have survived that. It was then that an amazing metamorphosis occurred, for which you need to "thank" the tapeworm tapeworm.

The singer ate poorly fried steaks for a whole year, as a result of which this terrible parasite wound up in her body. For the year, Callas lost weight up to 57 kg (with an increase of 171 cm). When the diva's weight stabilized, the doctors had to work hard to remove the disgusting inhabitant from her body.

Instead of supper - sleep

Elvis Presley practiced no less strange diet. Everyone knows how much this sex symbol has grown fat in adulthood. With an average height of 178 cm, he weighed more than a centner. Presley categorically could not sit on diets. Then the doctors recommended that he wake up at least one meal. The singer made a habit of going to bed instead of dinner. The diet did not help much, but the patient followed it with great eagerness.

Do not swallow food!

America is a country of fat people. Many of its residents have to buy two plane tickets instead of one. It was the same with Horace Fletcher. Once the insurance company flatly refused to sell him the policy because of the already present threat to life in the form of excess weight.

Fletcher became so upset about this fact that he eventually invented his own diet. From that moment on, he stopped swallowing food. The Fletcher food intake looked like this: first, the piece was chewed for 30 seconds (this is the minimum), and then spit out. During this time, juice entered the stomach, and the brain produced a signal of satiety. Fletcher not only lost a lot of weight himself, but also began to advise other fat people. As a result, he went down in history as the "Great Chewer".

Tobacco for weight loss

At the beginning of the last century, doctors not only treated headaches and coughs with opium and other drugs, but also actively promoted nicotine as a means of gaining the desired harmony. Skinny ladies were in fashion in the 1920s. Girls with curvaceous forms, on the advice of doctors, smoked a lot.

This remedy was considered so effective and useful that even pregnant women were advised to smoke. Doctors even argued that nicotine prevents unwanted weight gain, which can complicate childbirth.

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